Wednesday, May 16, 2012

6 month break? really?

Sheesh! Its really been 6months since I last blogged?  

Diabetes is still a huge part of our lives, by necessity of course.  

Does it still torment me?  Yes and No. 

It really does get better.  I seem to talk about it alot more now, without crying, without falling apart.   Maybe by educating people we can save a childs life.  (1 in 800 kids isnt a small statistic).  Its almost been 2 years of tests and needles and swag-ing carbs. 

The 30th May marks Reubens anniversary of diagnosis, and the 31st, the first day of the rest of our lives- iykwim!

Looking back, now I just want to say for parents of newly diagnosed babies, toddlers and children -

allow yourself all the emotions you need to cope; being pissed off is normal; anger and bitterness; tears and questions;

allow yourself to grieve and feel that sense of loss, of your freedom, way of life, of your 'healthy' child, the goodbyes you say to the plans you laid.   it takes time, and allow yourself that freedom.  it will make you a better d-rent.

allow yourself to be mediocre at diabetes at first.   dont beat yourself up.   we are all learning everyday and this isnt a small learning curve.... diabetes management is a full time job.

allow unhealthy people and relationships to move from your life.   you have to de-clutter.

another sobering thought is ; yes this sucks ; but it could always be worse. 

we are moving forwards, we have alot less of those terrifying wth?!! where did that come from type of hypo episodes.   we are better organised and more methodical in our approach.  Reuben is communicating better everyday and this helps.    Hes eating better and very active, so this is positive.

remember that the Lord chose you to parent this child with diabetes, thats truly special to think on.