This page is under contruction please be patient.  Also Im not a dr, so keeping it simple, if you want more info use GOOGLE !!!

BETA CELLS - Beta cells make and release the hormone insulin,  that controls the level of glucose in the blood
BASAL-  Background insulin
BOLUS- Insulin given to cover carbohydrates eaten
NOVORAPID-  Rapid acting analogue.   Works within 15 mins of injection, peaks by 1-2 hours and fades after 4-5 hours
LEVEMIR- Basal analogue (determir).  Begins working towards a slow peak after 4 hours, in some works for between 12-24 hours
PUMP - device used to administer insulin
CHO - Carbohydrates from food provide energy
GI - Glycaemic index - the lower the better for stablising blood sugars
BSL - blood sugar level
BGL - blood glucose level
BGM - blood glucose monitor
HYPO - Low blood sugar for Reuben this is below 5mmol/l
HYPER - High blood sugar for Reuben this is above 10mmol/l
MMOL/L - Measure used in Australia
MGD/L - Measure used in US
D - diabetes
Type 1 - an autoimmune disease resulting in the destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas
IDDM - Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
CWD - Children with diabetes
T1- Type 1 Diabetes
D-Rents - Parents of Children with diabetes
DOC - Diabetes Online Community
JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations
CGM - Continuous Glucouse Monitors
HbA1c - Blood is taken to measure blood sugar control over a few months.  You have more glycated hemoglobin if you have had high levels of glucose in your blood.