Thursday, July 28, 2011

Diabetes Australia stores closing

Pretty upset as the Diabetes Australia outlets are closing for good.   We had one up the road and I could pop in and pick up supplies spur of the moment if I wanted.  Now I need to go to a chemist who is a registered National Diabetes Services Scheme outlet, and HOPE beyond hopes they have the blood glucose strips and small needles we require.  

I have a plan, to build a relationship with the pharmacist and organise 1 week in advance the need for them to stock up on the things we require.   Weve had next to no luck with chemists in the past, telling us to come back tomorrow, promising they would order stuff, and then the staff having no clue what we are talking about the next day, let alone supplying what we need.

End of an era.   Sad.

Monday, July 25, 2011


For what its worth, I thought Id let you know Ive made peace with diabetes.

Its a beast, unrelenting and sucks your time, energy, emotion.  

It takes up time and space in my head and Ive expended more, worrying that it was doing so.

Ive been accepting.   Simplifying.  Detoxing.  Creating and being fruitful.  Putting diabetes in its place. 

It is secondary to Reuben.   Hes freaking awesome.

Secondary to our relationships and goals.

I love seeing the bigger picture.   All I had to do was stop magnifying it.   Important yes, priority yes, but not bigger than Reuben himself.