Im a 32 year old wife  (of 10 years) and mother of three lovely spirited kids, located in Australia.  

I have a BA in Communications and I went onto further studies in Call Centre Communications specifically.    Im also undertaking a Graduate Diploma of Primary Education.   After working in communications we decided to start a family, so I retrained and worked in the much-enjoyed position of  General Learn to Swim, Baby Learn to Swim Teacher and Pool Life Guard.

Ive recently taken on the position of full time pancreas for my youngest child, diagnosed wtih type 1 diabetes at 8months of age.    I had to turn down a great communications opportunity because of Reubens diagnosis the DAY BEFORE I was to start.   That was the first of many things to go on the back burner because of Diabetes!

When Im not organising, planning, carb counting,  testing blood sugar, recording, administering multiple daily insulin injections... (oh who am I kidding, thats what Im always doing!)

I do love to talk and write,  exercise, fitness, food, wine, the great outdoors and activities with my husband and kids.    We enjoy a good comedy (Everybody hates Chris, Scrubs, The Middle, Malcolm in the Middle, The Office).  

My alltime favourite movies are Gone With the Wind and Walk the Line.

My alltime hero is Jesus Christ.

My best friend is my husband.