Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I love this -

Lately my mind has gotten busy again.   Our levels are acting up probably due to growth spurts and increased appetite but I have to knuckle down and really do some solid basal testing (can you say, egg, cheese and chicken day?)  and adjust correction rates.    Yeah more testing, awesome.

The other issue that is truly weighing on me - kindergarten for 2014.

I need to train someone to look after my son, when hes never really been away from me for long before.

Step 1 in this process is getting together our plan of management in writing.  Oh my goodness this task is so overwhelming I havent even begun.      Its a type of paralysis.    Everything is more engrossing-   vacuuming, mopping and pruning fruit trees.     If I close my eyes I envision a swanky folder with emergency action charts and laminated colour cheat sheets.   Reality?   Its just floating about in my head.   Must make a solid start before we enter March.

Step 2 is transitioning to a pump this year in preparation for next year so needles wont need to be administered at kindy.     To say im excited but freaking out is an understatement.

Thats where we are at peeps.   Im relieved to put that in writing.   Must.get.some.momentum.

Happy Valentines Day, heres hoping the BGL's behave. 


  1. I am right where you are now and would like for it to all go away but I know it won't. I haven't been able to find a preschool let alone think about the big K. Sometimes I wish time would just stand still. We too have been having a rollar coaster of a time with numbers. Know that you are being thought of my friend! xoxo

  2. must be the time of year, BG's have been kickin my arse lately especially at night - I find myself being a tad bit more snappy, which doesn't help anything! As for K next year, ditto, I feel like an ostrich lately - maybe ignoring it a bit. Just maybe.
    So, yep...maybe I'll just keep him here with me. FOREVER!
    Alright, I hope we all get a bit more rest, some sensible numbers, and a fairy godmother to do all that needs be done before the next school year!

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  5. My boy was diagnosed 3 months ago and letting him go back to school was gut wrenching. As he is 13, we bought him an i-phone so he can use the calorieking app and we can contact each other throughout the day. I have become extremely overprotective with him, which he hates, but it's a mother's instinct. Luckily, we live on the Gold Coast where children are offered pumps from day 1. I call it his bionic pancreas. We only have pens on hand in case the pump malfunctions. Fortunately, his school is very caring and he is the 3rd child there with an insulin pump, so they know a little bit about them. Also, one of his teachers has a child on a pump, and she is always available to assist him. Next month he goes on camp, and I am beside myself with worry, as he will have to change his own cannula line on the pump. It's not easy and I can really relate to your anxieties. Lisa

  6. HAHAHAHA! love this, Jules!

    Girl, take baby steps. Make a list/chart of some dates and what you want to get done. When does school start for him?

    A pump will help in a billion ways, and it will only take you a couple weeks to totally get the hang of it. No worries. Charts? You can do it. And I send a note every day with her check times, food for lunch (w/carbs), and blanks for blood sugar and bolus given. Give no room for forgetting or error. ; )

    Hope you had a great V Day! : ) hugs!

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  9. I LOVE that cartoon (esp. when I hear this from clients and have to keep on my client face)! We're not making the transition to K till next year, but our son has been fortunate to be able to stay in preschool/daycare since diagnosis. It has been tough at times but very encouraging in that: little ones in school can be done. :)

  10. This is a great post, thank you for sharing :) My son was diagnosed with T1D 18 months ago, when he was 12 months old. I found your blog while we were in hospital (I was googling "toddlers + Type 1") and just wanted to say thank you...better late than never! I have found it really helpful.
    I have just recently started my own blog if you want to check it out:

  11. This may be the place that I have been looking for. Our 23 month old was dx as a T1. We are in our 3rd month and we feel the stress, frustration, and the heart break. Even though I do not enjoy reading and reliving the pain, it is nice to know that someone else knows what it feels like to walk in our shoes. Do you, or anyone have any suggestions on meals? Tips and tricks to make insulin injections less painful? What did you all notice when your youngones were going hypo? I have been T1 for 20 years, but the rules change and the emotion is different when it's your baby. And can I unofficially call myself a D-dad? LOL

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