Monday, January 31, 2011

Whats noteable about the intensive care unit

1: The important machines that look big and scary and keep tiny babies alive make noises like circus clowns at ridiculously annoying intervals
1b: When you fall asleep sitting up while stroking your babies arm you begin to dream you are playing the pokies but theres no jackpot!
1c:  There are so many tubes they are a safety hazard.  Someone should look into this.
2: The people in ICU need rest to get better but the place absolutely bustles 24 hours a day
3: The unspoken rule is dont look at other patients because you will see things that will be etched indelibly in your mind for a long time
4: When in the parent waiting room only discuss the weather or something on the tv (incidentally at the time it was Gary Coleman passing away from Different strokes fame). If you begin discussing health issues you will experience localised flooding from all the tears
5: You understand life can be pretty cruel and unfair but it gives you the opportunity to cry out to God and pray Lord I have no idea whats wrong with the boy in the bed next to my son but they bring bags and bags of blood every few hours. Please heal him too....

The first night I couldnt stay with Reuben I was exhausted and went home to sleep. That was pointless as I missed him like someone had my second leg. I snuggled up with his tiny pajama shirt still smelling of fruity acetone (I later learned this was the smell of ketones - when fat is being broken down by the body for energy because although his system is saturated with sugars he lacks the right processes in his pancreas convert this sugar for energy.)
Reuben was moved to a normal ward after two days.

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