Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scanning food barcodes with smartphone

I dont post alot about my other kids, but I have 3.   My eldest son is about to turn 8 and hes a busy kid, with Tennis, Swimming, Athletics and school.  My middle child is my only daughter, shes in kindergarten; also very busy with swimming, kindy, tots athletics and a real desire for martial arts we just cant seem to squeeze it all in.   And then theres the hurricane, my D - child is willful (to be kind about it!) 

Anything to save time and headaches, is a saviour to me.   When dealing with diabetes, I need easy.

So I got onto this app on my smart phone, called My Fitness Pal.  You can plug in the foods you are looking for manually to see nutritional breakdown and add them to a diary if needed.   (Im interested in counting carbohydrates primarily).   The best part is a little barcode button.   When you press that, you can literally scan any food with a barcode right onto your phone and VOILA!   Carbohydrate count appears.    

Awesome stuff.

Did I mention its free?

Rushing out of target today I thought, frickety frick, no idea how many carbs in that 35g mini m&m tube.   Nothing written on it either.  I spy a barcode.  BINGO> out comes the phone, click on my fitness pal app, bring up the food diary, hit barcode, line up the code until i see it on the screen, red line turns green, phone beeps, theres a read out of the nutritional info with carbs clearly listed.   Just love it.   Thought Id put it out there incase anyone else on the planet hadnt gotten onto it yet either!

Hope you are all having a good week.  


  1. So glad that you found another "tool" to help make things easier in dealing with d :)

  2. It is technology like this that helps makes "D" bearable! Loved hearing about your other two kiddos!

  3. wow! I don't know how I missed this post, I don't have an iphone but the hubster does and I am sure he could use this app. Hope all is going well for you and the lovely clan, post some silly kiddo and chicken pics soon :) And take care, as always!

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