Friday, January 11, 2013


For Christmas I got Reuben a Woody doll (of Toy Story fame).    We sat together at the dining table one night and he thrust the doll at me.  Make him talk, Mummy.   Woody, when brought to life courtesy of moi,  sounds like a 34 year old woman, trying to sound cowboy slash american slash toy like.  

Not pretty.  
My sweet boy is not cognisant of my theatrical failings.   He is giggling and smiling at this doll while I make him chatter and strut.    While playing it becomes testing time.   We merely say 'tester' to Reuben and he holds out the finger he wishes us to prick.    Woody apparently had really rapid onset diabetes.  (Sans the dka and hospital stay).   He suddenly needs a 'tester' too.   My son assembles the strip and loads the lancet.     I have to double take.  
Grasping woodys tiny hand hes pricking his finger and squeezing like crazy.   (FFS< I winced for Woody's stuffing.)     Hes concentrating so hard to get the little strip up to the fabric finger.  Needle time!  Reuben is announcing even though Cowboy Woody is 3.3.   

Busting out some syringes we give Woody his novorapid in back of the arm - Reubens current favourite injection site.    Hes very matter of factly telling his sister that you cannot give a needle in the various locales shes trying to stab him.  Not the ankle.   Not the neck.    NOT the armpit!!!!   


Theres nothing a boy and his doll  cowboy friend cannot do!


  1. Oh my word...Reuben and his cowboy are just the most precious thing! Hope you all had a wonderful have been missed!

  2. Ahhh.. :) So sweet! Glad that he likes his Woody-brings back memories..My oldest son used to love Woody and
    Reuben sure is growing. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

  3. So I think I read this right after it was published and I wanted to reply, but darn it wouldn't you know that d is being a pill lately - lots of highs and a cranky (slightly) ill Isaac - AHHH!
    But your babe is getting so big. And Woody is a lovely boy, errr Action figure, for him to snuggle.
    Hope you're doing well, sounds like life has just kept on moving along, amazing how that happens. ((HUGS)) from all the way here in WA, USA :) i am go happy to hear from you!

  4. Hi Julie, I hope you are all well. Always thinking of you. Could you please get in touch, surely we can get past all of these old problems. Would love to be apart of your lives again. Please Julie

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  6. Our son has just been diagnosed with diabetes. At times, I felt the guilt as it runs in the family. My father had diabetes and so as my other 2 brothers. Right now, we're lost and trying to get our feet wet. Blogs like these give hope and courage to others. Thanks.

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  7. Hi Tim, Im really sorry to hear of your sons diagnosis with diabetes. I would encourage you to let go of the guilt as much as possible, there is so much to learn, so much grief to deal with it isnt your fault... just take one day at a time and thats enough. Much love and hugs to your family. I assure you it will get easier to accept, and manage.