Monday, November 14, 2011

I almost forgot he had diabetes

Yesterday was fun.  Spring sunshine, happy kids.  Danger Dad was in his element, trotting off to the store for a new paddle pool, waterguns and slip n slide (the other one ripped from overuse- Danger Dad is the kinda person who ignores the warnings that things should only be used the way manufacturers intended!)  

Lets just say that spreading it out over the trampoline and down the slippery slide so the kids can be soapy human torpedos.. will rip your slip n slide.

I had to laugh watching my youngest line up with the big kids waiting for their turns on the slip n slide - getting soaped and wizzing down getting sprayed in his sweet chubby face. 

I chatted away happily but after awhile I noticed Reuben had drawn away from the other children.   He was sitting on a little concrete block in the shade of a gardenia bush, looking on quietly.  

Somethings not right.

The day was so fun I wished silently that he didnt have diabetes.   Not angrily, just sad that he felt himself dropping and had to draw away from the fun to deal with what he was feeling physically.   I ran upstairs for his gear and tested him.    He was low.   Softdrink and chocolate later, he was back in the action.

Yesterday I almost forgot he had diabetes.


  1. To draw away when so little certainly says something about the power of diabetes. But, at least he has all that joy surrounding him. It will overpower the diabetes.

  2. He is one smart little cookie! It sounds like you guys know how to have a good time despite diabetes.

  3. First, your stories and descriptions of Danger Dad always humor me. He sounds like such a fun dad! :)

    I'm glad the low didn't take him out for long. I'm glad Reuben was able to return to the fun after the soft drink and chocolate. But, it'd be nice if diabetes could play nicely on a day like that, you know?! It'd be so wonderful to simply enjoy the family, enjoy the activity, enjoy the weather and have a great time without diabetes entering the picture.

    So, does Reuben feel his lows? It's fantastic if he can, especially at his age.

  4. We had a similar incident with Miss F at the pool. When we went yesterday I tested and fed her to avoid any problems.

  5. those moments are like a slap in the face sometimes...:o(...I am so glad that you all had a great time playing though and it sounds like you have an incredible family!

  6. Thanks so much for your comments on my Ruminating post! Your support means so much to me and the fact that you even read it..well makes my heart smile! I wish that we both weren't having these difficulites with our little guys...for it just isn't right. I also wish that we lived closer so we could ban together and kiss some diabetes butt so that our babies were given the best possible care so that they can live their best possible lives! I just keep saying to myself I can chose to be helpless or hopeful...lets chose to be hopeful together...but when we get to feeling helpless let's lift eachother up to feel hopeful again! Here's to both of us feeling HOPEFUL! love you!

  7. oh Jules this makes me sad for Rubes, my heart aches at that moment for our babes. I too just want them to keep enjoying being wee ones. ((Hugs))