Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In the news

It looks like a schmancy mobile phone or mp 3 player, right?   Well its actually an insulin pump.  In fact, the first-ever with a color touch screen, and is the smallest insulin pump system currently available.   Its gotten the 'aye' from the US Food and Drug Administration to head to market.   Its SLIM as its name suggests,  and was designed to make diabetes management easier to teach and easier to learn. Additional user-oriented features of this insulin pump include an eco-friendly rechargeable battery and USB connectivity to a web-based therapy management software.   Gives us hope right that theres activity going on to improve life for type 1's.

Another thing you may be interested in is the progress of the artificial pancreas trial in Israel,
to watch the video click HERE.   I have to warn you it choked me up - I literally needed tissues.   I think its the anticipation and the idea that there can be a management tool in my lifetime that can take alot of the stress out of Reubens management.

Did you see this over the internet this month?    The JDRF published this to push the FDA. 

Finally an update on Dr Faustman working towards a cure for type 1 diabetes - if you dont know much about her work read up!  -
HERE  they are currently raising funds for a phase II trial.


  1. thank you for sharing all of the latest Jules! That pump looks VERY cool! I read somewhere though that it is only for 12 year olds and older though? That's kind of a bummer since Emma is only 7 :o/

  2. The FDA also approved the Jewel pump months ago. Not yet on the market, but I like that one much more. The Jewel is like a much, much slimmer Omni Pod. It won't be long before the Jewel will also be on the market. Oh, and the Jewel is tubeless.

  3. The pump looks very cool but I'm not sure about the touchscreen. I recently got a smartphone and I swear it takes me three times as long to do anything on it as I keep accidentally hitting the wrong bit of the screen or brushing my hand across the wrong icon. I'm sure I'd end up giving extra boluses by mistake and then have no idea how I'd done it!!
    I'm sure the kids would be fine with it. Maybe it needs a MAXIMUM age!!

  4. Love hearing about all the latest news and gadgets! Keep them coming.

  5. I want one of those fancy new pumps! : ) A color touch screen would make my girl feel COOL! (and that is almost priceless!)
    You are so on-top-of-things, thank you! Hope you are having a great week, Jules! : )

  6. still can't even begin to think that the AP is a "cure" the idea of three sites on my son or husband just makes me shutter.
    However, it is still exciting to hear that research is being done, improvements made, and hopefully sooner than later our babes will be free of any technology - completely cured :)

  7. I didn't know the Jewel was FDA approved. Thanks for the run down! The results from Israel are really encouraging. Great heads up! Take care!

  8. Hey there - miss your posts! Hope all's well!