Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday

You read that right!  

Mr Reuby-Roo is turning 2.    

Can you freaking beleive that!!!

Tomorrow when we wake up, hes going to get a bunch of books (yup Im a book freak) and a first Thomas the Tank engine BMX with parent handle.  Plus some cupcakes.  (Portion control).

Overwhelmingly Im sad that the last two thirds of his life have had the dark clouds of diabetes taking the gloss off his baby-hood.  Probably not for him, I mean hes a strong kid, a real coper and with a sweet disposition.   He has fun, he is soooo happy go lucky and very intelligent.    I mean, more for myself, that sadness that the worry and stress of managing D has been there, that sometimes I wish I was more in the moment, enjoying him climbing and running and playing and not freaking that his fall on the footpath was caused by a plumetting blood sugar.    Sometimes it is.   Mostly its toddlerhood.    Stupid, that normal baby naps should be celebrated and shouldve been my rest as a mum and a repreive each day, but infact have been some of our most stressful lows in the past 16 months.  

Thinking that the old blog needs to be re-vamped as Reuben is no longer a BABY with diabetes. Nope, hes had type 1 for 16months, (incase you havent read re: his diagnosis, since he was 8months), but now he is TWO.

Hes not a toddler in training, hes a tantrum throwing, door slamming, running away,  back chatting, repeating words he shouldnt,  defiant toddler, who turned the pen needle onto me tonight enquiring if he could give me a needle.

Hes active.   Hes like his brother and sister.   They are movers. Out doors-y kids with a lust for life.   GOD HELP ME  this next year as Reuben grows from age 2 to 3 - from toddler to child, the landscape of our life will again shift.   Diabetes will change and my biggest hope is his eating will improve so carb counting gets easier.    I also hope that we teach him some meaningful dialogue about diabetes so he can communicate as best he can of low blood sugars.   Right now he says 'lol lol' (lolly) to indicate he needs sugar, or if the mood strikes him 'joosh' (juice) that he would prefer fruit juice to bring up a low.    


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY SON REUBEN Heres hoping you have many fulfilling, fruitful safe years until theres a cure.




  1. Happy Happy birthday Reuben! I am slowly learning just how crazy boys can be!

    And on a completely unrelated note, we're having some good friends from your neck of the woods (well, sort of - they live near Sydney. Same country though!) come to stay with us tomorrow!

    Yay for Aussies! You guys are so much fun!

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday Reuben! Hope your day is filled with much laughter, climbing, throwing, door slamming and getting dirty birthday fun!

  3. aww Happy Birthday Reuben! I hope he has a fantastic day full of fun and behaving blood sugars! You are such an awesome Momma Jules! Hugs to you for doing an amazing job with this diabetes journey starting at such a young age...you are incredible!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet Reubs!!! Give him a hug from Joe and the Crew!!! Love you Jules.

  5. I'm so glad you've made it so far! It's not easy, I can only imagine, dealing with all this on a baby level! Baby level! The lack of communication alone must have been frustrating. But, now as he starts to talk more, I hope that will help a little. Enjoy the birthday. Enjoy the cupcakes. Enjoy Reuben!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REUBEN!!! Aw, hope the day was wonderful. I am wishing, praying and hoping for a cure so that he can be rid of "D" during his lifetime. You are doing a great job with your little guy Jules. xoxo