Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not exactly Carrie Bradshaw

Last night, as I was waiting up for the midnight test (read, waiting to see if the 1 unit of novorapid brought Reubs into his bedtime range of 8-10mmol/l, which it DID bring him from 18.7 to 10.2, where he held all night),  I was flicking around on the tv, trying to find something to watch.   Deciding upon a re-run-of-a-re-runned (?) episode of Sex and the City, I was thinking how much Carrie Bradshaw and I have in common.  

Ya right.  Absolutely nothing.  

Our lives couldnt be any more polar opposite.   I was whisked into a world of glitzy escapism albeit for half an hour. 

She has glamorous shoes, I have some trusty thongs for gardening.  
She has manicures and I have cracked skin from a God awful long winter.  
Carrie juggles cocktail parties and gallery openings and I juggle insulin doses with school fetes, bookweek parade costumes and trips to the grocery store! 
Ms Bradshaw had, in this epidsode, a dilemma with having both Mr Big and Aiden in her bed in the same 48 hour period... I have issues in my bed when I roll over and the dog accidentally falls on the floor.

There was a time long long ago about when dinosaurs roamed the earth.... (okay that was a tad dramatic) but it does seem like ancient history!  When I had ALOT of time on my hands.   I could prepare myself healthy foods, calmy take my supplements, clean my home at 11pm if I chose, soak in the bath, think and read uninteruppted by little people, go to the gym morning and night, go out to dinner with friends after working afternoon shift.  

That was a different season.   A season where popular culture seemed to matter.   When I considered the vanilla or the camel skirt a crucial decision.  When climbing the corporate ladder and adding to my portfolio seemed to matter.  A real valuable time in my life when I could go to church twice a week, read my bible plenty.   A time when my body hadnt been ravaged by the rigors of birthing 9lb babies and the subsequent sleep deprivation which slithers into the birthing suites and clasps your hand and sneakily becomes your partner in motherhood.

So Im tapping away at my blog early morning because I have a head cold which just makes laying horizontally impossible to breathe.  

Life has changed alot. 

Somewhere in all this hard work with parenting is a joy so full your heart wants to explode.  Thats how we Mummies keep on keeping on!    My family has been truly blessed this year with my eldest son being under the tutelage of a wonderful teacher.   She has a gift of seeing a child for who they really are and bringing out the best in them so that they have a strong foundation for learning.       Last night we had parent teacher interviews and my eldest baby got a rave review!   - and I have to say that I dont want Carrie's Manolo Blahniks (maybe just for a day, but I'd give them back in exchange for my functional footwear)...   The life I have now, the three engergetic sweet children God has blessed me with... Diabetes and all...  

Theres no comparison.   Life is richer, Im a better person as I help them grow.


  1. Jules you are such a fantastic Momma! I have to admit that I couldn't stop giggling at the line about rolling over in bed and the dog accidentally falls off onto the Hope the head cold goes away and you are feeling better soon!

  2. I'm right there with you. I wouldn't trade my family life for the world!

    This made me laugh: "I have issues in my bed when I roll over and the dog accidentally falls on the floor." I either accidentally kick the dog in my sleep or I'm so afraid of kicking that I don't sleep well. I like it much better when he sleeps in his crate. Your line gave me a good chuckle. :)

    So good to read your blog again!!!

  3. this post. It is such a great reminder of how wonderful and rich our lives our thanks to our families and our children. Being a parent has by far, hands down, been the most difficult and yet rewarding job I have had the pleasure of undertaking. xo

  4. What a fantastic post! I LOL'd at the dog on the floor part too!!! Loved the comparisons to Carrie...made me think about my life. Yeah, Carrie never looks like she eats carbs...I need the suckers constantly. :D

    Hope the cold goes away quickly and you get yourself a Cosmo to sip. :) (((hugs!)))