Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A few steps forwards

Honestly, I know why toddlers are so darn chubby and cute. 

Their behaviour is off.the.charts.ridiculous. Its in their survival interests to be adorable so we keep them. 

Today on the way to school drop off, I let Reuben walk.  Hes been waking with a higher than optimal blood sugar and figure its a good way for him to kickstart the morning, rather than cruising in the pram.

We prepare to leave a few minutes earlier (probably shouldve factored in an extra half an hour) to allow his little leggies time to warm up.   Hes got his new sandals and some socks to protect his tootsies, so we set out the ONE BLOCK up to school.   It takes me about 3.5minutes to dash up there each day before the bell rings. 

Sans kids that is!

The trip is four of us.   My eldest son, and his sister, a 3 year old who insists on being a princess, drifting along, collecting flowers and all the while stroking her hair and showing off her sparkly shoes to passers-by in the most regal of fashions and

trailing behind is my 2 year old who has to physically STOP walking to watch a bus *or truck *or car *or ant *or bumble bee go by.   I mean -  until its literally out of eye sight.  

You get the point.   When the object disappears from view, then and ONLY then,  can he carry on.

Last week he was great, so I think hes fighting something right now.   The sudden unexpected drops in BGLS, especially through the night, and the unprecedented whinginess that is the soundtrack to my existence....    

So after a restless night of Reuben screaming 'help help help' interspersed with 'go way go way go way', we started the walk off ok.   Slowly but surely.  


We wave and hug and kiss and send kiddie #1 on his way to class.

Apparently one of the flowers Reuben had just picked got dropped on the crossing and was now being driven over by busy morning traffic.   Lets just say, the kid has some healthy lungs and displayed his vocal ablility, right there beside the crossing, followed by a roll on the footpath, kicking his legs.

Oh my God.   I groaned and was *that Mum* who rolled her eyes, folded her arms and set in to wait patiently until it was over. I assured him we'd get another flower then proceeded to carry him home again.

When we finally got home, I was pleasantly surprised with a package.

Yesterday I'd called up Abbot diabetes care and arranged a co-pilot data cable to use with his freestyle lite to download his BGLS to pc.   I think I have to approach this with the way I learn best - remove the emotion (disengaging) and treat it like a study - with a coffee, a highlighter, ruler and to do list.

First on the agenda, is working on hubby not over treating the early morning hypos he catches at 5am.  Right now the only thing we can get Reuben to take at that time, in that groggy sleep is a warm milk drink.   But it doesnt have to be so carb laden.  Hes working out how much to give to bring him up a couple of points only.  With Reubens little body it isnt much.

Lately Ive been thinking more and more about seeking out a private endo.   Theres not much support at the hospital we go to, and misinformation.   I intend to ask some questions at our next appt, such as why is our target range 4-7 when it seems like such an unrealistic and defeating goal with a toddler.   The text they gave us at diagnosis says kids under 6 should aim for a BGL of 5-12mmol/l depending on alot of factors, like activity appetite, time of day and safety.   The aim for hba1c apparently is 7-9% under 6 yrs of age.   

Anyway Im not making excuses and expecting the parameters to be loosened, I know where we eventually have to get R's BGLs and to try keep them for his long term health, I just want to be clear whether Im falling within, above or below the line as a pancreas to my son!



  1. I could just envisage the eventful walk to school! Hope you get some answers regarding your endo, tight control in little ones is so hard. Aleksi is now 8 (diagnosed at 4) and we have good number days and weird wacky number days for no reason - the nature of the D beast.

  2. Fucking cars driving over Reuben's flower!!! LOL. I can just envision the whole scene. Love to you guys...and yep...the A1C parameters that you mentioned sound right. Go with your gut Mama Pancreas.

  3. I think a huge part of this being a pseudo pancreas is growing an ever thicker skin to just smile and nod, even when not in total agreement. Because EVERY person with diabetes bodies behave differently there can not be one set guidelines for how it's going to best work. I think you know what is best and with much work can achieve a workable situation so that you are not feeling like you're failing so often and Reuben will keep growing as healthy as ever, too. Obviously you're doing well if he is behaving like he is, man walking with little dudes is very taxing (at moments wonderful) but mostly a great workout in patience. :)

  4. totally giggling at the vision of your walk to school! Emma is 7 and still walks along picking flowers, dancing, pretending she's a princess...lol...so cute. I agree as well...go with your gut as to what numbers to aim for. You are a fantastic Momma Jules!

  5. OH MY GOSH!

    Well, 1st, I love that you said "pram". :) I should have another baby just so I can say pram too. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!


    2nd, I think we have the SAME journey to school...sparkly shoes, flowers and all!!!!!

    Also, I wanted to mention that our endo did talk to us about the brain growth that occurs until age 6. For this reason, our target A1c was 7.8 - 8.5. Since turning 6, it's been lowered to 6.8 - 7.5.

  6. Haha, I loved your descriptive walk to school...and Reuben stopping to watch every car, bus, truck, ant, bumblebee until they're out of sight...LOL! Kids are hilarious.

    I totally agree with you finding an endo you feel comfortable with. It seems smarter to keep the A1c higher while they are young...so scary to treat emergency lows at his age. You are a smart "D" mama, you just go with your gut and you can't go wrong! XOXO