Thursday, October 27, 2011

PAWS for Diabetics Inc

For some reason I was trawling the net and happened across an Aussie charitable organisation called PAWS for Diabetics Inc.

 They are non profit and train and place assistance dogs for diabetic persons. 
Dogs are trained to alert impending hypos. (Low blood sugar, which if untreated promptly can lead to seizures, coma and death).

Since my blog is written specifically to the DOC, I guess there arent many folks reading without knowledge of type 1 diabetes, but heres an example of how quickly this can happen.

Wake at 7am.   Have bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast.  Dose insulin to correct, a basal to carry him through the day, and enough to cover the food.   The carbs to be counted in this breakkie would be for the toast.
9am - Busy playing, all looks good.
10am - Morning tea.  Reubens BGL is 2.1, hes crying, whingey, hands shaking and seems confused. He needs 5 jelly beans before he can have his morning tea. 

Imagine if I didnt do additional testing and only tested when the hospital says to - breakfast,lunch,dinner and possibly overnight if you WANT.  Seriously.  

Now my dog (Millie is a one year old Bichon Frise) has alerted us of hypo episodes when Reuben is low enough to begin shaking.   But then she has also alerted over some highs, which confused us, probably confused the heck outta her too.

Read the profiles on PAWS for diabetics website.   The dogs would truly be a blessing to diabetic persons, since in this backward country of ours, CGMS are incredibly expensive and most models not even available.  Plus you would have a friend also!

Maybe in a few years.


  1. we're hoping someday to have a trained diabetes dog, too...someday, right?!

  2. Dreaming over here as well...we came close -- REALLY CLOSE -- to pursuing it. BUT...they're only supposed to be in service for 10 years. Sugar is 8. In 10 years, she'll be 18...transitioning to college, a new level of independence...

    So, if this is a once in a lifetime opportunity -- do I want to rush it now? When I'm here, hovering, lingering, and in control? Or later...when she's spending more time away from me, growing up, DRIVING (*GASP*)?

    We've decided to wait. If we give it just 5 or 6 more years, she'll be able to do the training...and we'll have a trusty companion to walk beside her as she blossoms into an adult.

  3. Our alert dog will often alert on highs too. He puts the boys in a metaphorical box on how they should smell, and when something isn't right, high or low, he'll let us know!

  4. I would love to have a trained diabetes dog too .. especially since Callan is absolutely in love with dogs! This would be so good for him! But our 9 month old baby is allergic to dogs. :(