Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random diabetes cruddy things I didnt want to learn

So theres the big things.

You learn to test your childs blood sugar.   You learn what the numbers mean.
You learn about insulin, storing it, dosing it, injecting it.   You learn about carbohydrates.

Am I right in saying, then theres the things that you learn on the job.  The things the doctors couldnt possibly tell you.

Like -

Reuben wore a pair of shoes for an outing a few weeks ago.   His foot was sweaty and he managed to work up a little blister.   Well over the course of a week it got worse, and infected and affected blood sugars.  It just never healed like a non diabetic child heals.   We were advised to go straight to hospital because any infection and foot problem not healing for a diabetic is super serious.   Really a tiny blister creates this much havoc in our lives!   I had to call out an after hours doctor, we got antibiotics and a have been using a cream and redressing it twice a day for ages.   Its that crazy.   I got him new more appropriate sandals.

Ive learned about hot deep fried chips.  Yup they are deceptive little suckers.   Reubs chowed down and in an hour his blood sugars were great.   Two hours, terrific, hours three to five where high, and hard to get down.   The fat content.   Lesson learned.

The other stupid thing is, I filled a script for more medicine, but because Reuben is so little, this particular medicine, he gets 2 units each day.   I got five boxes, five vials in each, it would take a whole year to use up!    As I stocked it into the fridge feeling glad Id topped up supplies, I checked the expiry date, the chemist had given us insulin that expired Oct 11.     Really.   Use one, throw out 24!

Always have appropriate footwear on your kid for the amount of miles they will be doing.    Check.
Deep fried chips cant be good for any of us!  Check.
Always quiz expiry date on medicine before walking away.  Check.

** ** **

I dont know if blogger is acting up for everyone, but Ive been trying to comment repeatedly on your blogs and its just not working :(


  1. nothing like on the job training! Sorry to hear about the poor little guys foot :o( Hope it heals up quickly!

  2. I think I've learned more from experience and from other D parents than I did at the beginning from the doctors and certified diabetic educators. We learn on the job for sure!

    Hope Reuben's foot heals soon! Poor kiddo!

    No recent Blogger problems for me. Hope Blogger begins to play nicely for you!

  3. Lots and lots of on the job training here too! Give your little guy a kiss on his ouchie from me.

  4. Oh his poor little foot :( That makes me sad. I love baby feet...those chubby little toes and fat heels. The idea of a festering wound that isn't healing because of diabetes really tugs at my heart.

    I hope it heals quickly...and all that nearly expired insulin???? ACK!

  5. Oy...the lessons are many. Some good, some...not-so-much. Love you Jules!

  6. I'm tired of learning lessons right now...instead I'll take another margarita, okay?!
    Hope this week goes well :)

  7. yep, lots of little lessons in this crazy life!
    hope the tootsies are feeling better
    and crap-ola on the expiration date...ugh!!