Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Chuck Norris doesnt really have diabetes?

I needed a laugh today.   Or a drink.    I chose the laugh.   Ironically I dont think Chuck Norris really has diabetes?

We are still recovering from illness here.  Thats tiring in itself.  

Truth be told Im still recovering from diagnosis!  I really have no words to explain how tired this disease can make you.   How tired I get from thinking about diabetes. Numbers, food, his exercise.  Thinking about why the numbers are good.   Thinking about why the numbers are bad.   Why the numbers are swinging.    And its practically unavoidable for another 17 years?

No words to explain my worry for whats going on inside of Reuben that I cannot see or know unless I stab him with a spring loaded needle that plunges into his sweet soft baby skin, then I squeeze until theres a big enough droplet of blood for the meter.  

Then he starts counting.  (yes the meter is a HE)   5.. 4.. 3..I begin cringeing about now... 2..oh cripes, the judgemental bastard... 1... then it either says you are going ok, you are doing a shit job or quick eat some carbs!     The accusatory beeps.   Im feeling some post traumatic stress disorder in relation to the darned beeping on the BGM's.  

 just a snapshot.   Dang we do this 24/7/365.  

I wake up and reach for the meter. No good morning honey.   My eyes open and theres the dang meter.   I give insulin shots before leaving my bedroom for a toilet stop, because the Levemir morning dose takes a while to kick in, its best given straight away so its there in the background before breakfast. (for R that is).  Its sad my baby gets a poke in the bum with a needle before he gets a warm drink :( :( : (     Its sad that this is my first 5 minutes of every day.  

Reubs knows how to open his blood glucose monitor case, arange a strip so that it enters the slot at the bottom!   He can also say TEST.   Sad I know.  This is his existence.   I wonder just how and when he will begin communicating Low and High feelings to me?    Enough on that.


Ive booked the kids in for autumn/winter swimming at an indoor heated facility.   This is the first time Ive decided to book Reuben in for some sports and Im sure its going to take some adjusting our routine and foods to make sure hes safe while we do this.   Hes going to be outrageously active like his big brother I can feel it in my bones.     The best part about feeling up to it now is, if I can get his spot on his sisters kindy day, while big brother is at school BINGO its a R and Mummy morning I can watch his numbers a bit more closely.  Up until now this has been too overwhelming to think about. Enter Mummy guilt -OMG my son is a year and a half old and I havent gotten around to any formal swimming eeeeek!   

The meter than died, the verio. an update.... I got a call after logging the fault.   They will replace it in a few weeks.   They are also sending me $50 for the inconvenience.   They quizzed me about whether any hospital stay was a result of this faulty meter... I said no... wonder what type of customer service would be offered had that been the case?


  1. Oh Jules...I love you. You are doing wonderful and DO NOT beat yourself up over the swimming woman! You have had a lot going on! I remember feeling much of what you wrote after Joe is diagnosed. The mornings bugged me...wake up...poke! Just seems wrong, doesn't it?

    P.S. I needed the Chuck Norris today. Thank YOU!!!

  2. I've seen the Chuck Norris post on Tudiabetes before. But DOES Chuck Norris have Type 1? If so, proof that almost anything is possible for these kids. I had to laugh about your comment that your son is 1 and a half and you haven't even started swimming lessons; in our neck of the woods, kids usually start at 3, so you are way ahead of the game. Please don't look at every number as confirmation that you are doing your job right; that's a recipe for crazyness right there! Numbers are going to fluctuate; we can only treat and move on. Particularly in a baby or toddler. Know that you are doing a great job taking care of your son and he will flourish regardless of D.

  3. Diabetes is classed as a metabolism disorder. Metabolism refers to the way our bodies use digested food for energy and growth. It affects the way the body uses food. It is caused by a lack of insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas that is essential for converting energy from food. Thanks a lot!


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