Friday, April 29, 2011

Mum - Im low! Well, kind of

Reuben's a verbal kid.   No denying hes just like the rest of us.  A talker.   Im hopeful he will be a great communicator also.   Right now, he has a few words, but his favourite, that covers all applications is "blehleelala blehleelaala bleleelalalal la la la". Its fast, its shrill, and accompanied by some 'gimme gimme' hands.  

He uses it to call the dog...

He begs for a drink this way...

Its how he communicates he would like something that you have...

He does it when its time to brush his teeth and he would like you to get his electric toothbrush down...

Its how he asks you to replay his favourite Thomas dvd...

He also uses it when he feels unfairly done by - by the siblings and needs intervention...

and now just to complicate things

Its how he communicates a low when he feels himself dropping fast.

Low blood sugar =  hypoglycaemia

A state of lower than normal blood sugar level.   Most symptoms arise from lack of glucose to the brain and this impairs function.

Symptoms of a hypo - episode - Shakiness, anxiety, nervousness, palpitations, sweating, cold, clammy, pallor, dilated pupils, pins and needles, hunger, thirst, weakness, mood change, inability to think straight, inability to help oneself, glazed expression, being disoriented, unaware or seemingly intoxicated, inability to drink and swallow without a lot of encouragement, headache, abdominal pains or nausea.

In a severe hypo, the signs have progressed to include:
inability to stand, inability to respond to instructions, extreme disorientation (may be thrashing about), inability to drink and swallow (leading to danger of inhaling food into lungs), unconsciousness or seizures (jerking or twitching of face, body or limbs).


  1. That's incredible that he can sense a low and tell you about it in his cute "bleleelalala!!" That's such a blessing at his age!

  2. I hope that he get a bit clearer about each of these soon.

  3. I'm still amazed at Isaac's ability to tell when he is low at such a young age, I'm hoping it'll continue.
    Your babe sounds absolutely adorable. I miss that constant babble stage - well, most the time! :)

  4. Sweet, sweet baby.

    I'd love to see a vlog of him and his babble :)

  5. AWWW...Love the babble and I am impressed too by his ability to kind of tell you. Love Melissa's comment .. is she a close friend? Or something.

  6. Thanks everyone. Reyna. ..melissas daughter and my son were diagnosed at the some hospital a month apart pretty much same age. Weve Met up Irl Shes awesome. Her daughter has a rare form of diabetes.. her Blog is My corner link on my Blog roll. Geez trying to type on my phone!

  7. Gotta love it when they try to tell you so many different things with the same sound! It's great that he's able to feel his if he could just make a different adorable sound for that!! :)

  8. LOL, Katie's in that stage right now too. Her babble is "Daw?" for just about everything although she's starting to string together lots of syllables now. Andy went through that phase too with lows where we couldn't tell if it was just a temper tantrum or a low. Luckily now,(even though he's not fully functionally verbal) when he starts stringing together food words (like, "get milk?, grapes?, apple?, cereal?," etc) I know it's probably a low and 99% of the time it is. So it does get easier as they get more verbal. Thinking of you!