Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Suck it up cupcake

Since the change back to daytime protophane, we have had some decent numbers.   Yes, hes bouncing around some, but we are hitting a few within the magical range which feels good and another bonus seems to be that the boy can eat what he likes until about 7pm.    Its definately alot less stress than trying to manage the novorapid dosage at each meal, considering morning tea was sometimes bigger than lunch on any given day.   Our biggest issue now is dealing with hypos as the Protaphane peaks at lunchtime, whether he wants to eat or not, or if hes napping or not!

Fabulous news - we have had 2 nights in a row where Reuben has gotten to a decent BGL just above 10 and held virtually all night.   This morning he woke at 6.9 and I cannot tell you how happy it made me.    I always stop breathing waiting for the monitor to finish thinking and beeping and display a number for us.  I nearly passed out this morning.  Probably from shock.     

I have been working at lowering the GI of our diet.  Just this morning I got the kids into oatmeal with barley, and going to make more things with polenta (made little blini) and quinoa (can be ground in coffee and spice grinder into a flour substitute) also beans and nuts.  Ive begun including small things, tweaking recipes and my husband has barely noticed (yay!)  [ I will eventually get around to a post to include some of the baked goods incase anyone is interested.]    

I think perhaps another contributing factor is R is just settling down activity wise... this has had a stabilizing effect on his food intake and blood sugar fluctuations. 

Could it be his age also, I mean will things be getting easier for us soon?   

Okay 8 months old was a little younger than kids are generally diagnosed with type 1, but 18 months, 2 years, theres lots of parents out there living with this scenario.   I wrote in a previous post how I found it hard to accept Reubs was growing up, but adjusting my thinking is critical to moving forward with his management.   At some point I have to take his lead and wean him from the breast.    At some point I will need to move him into his little todder bed.

After his endo check up and falling apart, Ive pulled myself back together!   I mean, I have to just do this thing day by day. Gotta accept it.  

You know, suck it up cupcake style!   Mentally Im back in the right place.   Plus my husband is wonderful and Im going to take a much needed vacation.

Weve gotten more organised.   Ive set up a control centre - not just a supplies cupboard but a basket of diabetes related items in our bedroom for quick access and a central spot that danger dad and I both respect.    I found some small flat lollipops with 7g cho which seem to be working well as a hypo fix for a busy toddler.   Food refusal is common in toddlers but a disaster when they have to get sugar on board.

I know this has been aimless rambling.  Ive been devoting days to spring cleaning junk and dumping unwanted items that Im exhausted from that, and stringing a few coherent words together has been a challenge!


  1. Sounds like things are coming along nicely (well, as much as they can with D, anyway)! Good for you on the recipes...I need to start doing that myself!

  2. So great that things are going better. I hope it continues.
    I found the F would sleep through lunch sometimes too. I kept an eye on her numbers at waking (she did it heaps) and had to decide how long let her sleep. Eg. I knew she would start to get too low past 1:30pm so I would wake her for lunch by then. Of course if MT was late to could give her a bit more sleep.
    It's a juggle.
    Great that you have worked out how to make more low GI food.

  3. yeah - things improving or at least feeling more manageable is always a reason to celebrate! I find that I need to really be excited about those times because the other (frustrating!) times stick out in my mind too easily. I also think we need to give ourselves a break from perfection and remember to enjoy this one life we get with one another the best we can.
    I look forward to hearing about your recipes, we can always use a few more in our arsenal around here as I definitely have a pack of picky eaters!

  4. Yay for those numbers! I googled to find out the conversion to mg. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your recipes too as I've been reading about the whole GI thing. So glad you are in a good place right now....enjoy it!

  5. YAY on your nights. I have been thinking about you. Missed your posts. I will get easier. He is still so young and it is difficult at best to manage stable numbers in active, growing toddlers. Chin up when you can...AND...fall apart when you need to. We are here to lift you up.


  6. Great to hear that everything seems to be coming together for you. Yes, you will have times when things are going well and times when they just fall apart. Things are getting better for us too. Blood sugars are finally starting to be more stable after nearly 3 months of fighting lows. Glad you have been able to sleep a little too. Don't forget to ask danger dad to take over one night for you. When Andy was on insulin, my husband would do at least one night during the weekend (sometimes 2!) so I could sleep through. Even if it's just once a month, it really helps. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Toddlers are a challenge in and of themselves; add D in the mix and HOLD ON!!
    I think you just have to take each day, each challenge as it comes (like it sounds like you are doing!) and do your best to roll with it, find what works, and keep on keepin' on.
    We've started using more quinoa, too, and it's an amazing grain. So versatile! I have a yummy cake recipe that uses quinoa flour and it's honestly the yummiest chocolate cake ever.
    Keep up the awesome pancreating!! :)

  8. Sounds as though you're in a good place! This post made me smile for you. :)

    Please do share your recipes! And Denise, please share that chocolate cake recipe!