Monday, May 2, 2011

Sweet dreams

Considering one of my main issues lately has been sleep , or lack thereof - Im pretty pleased with the night time Levemir numbers. 

It seems the supper that hes getting is somewhere between 150-200mls of milk given during the period that Levemir is starting to peak.  Crazy how this 'flat' insulin actually has a working phase - it peaks in Reuben around the 3 hour mark, then is holding him steady throughout the night, (with a usual 3mmol/l range drop from the last night read) and wears off early morning.   Mostly if he is under 8 mmol/l he will continue dropping.   If he is 8-12mmol/l at the bedtime reading he will hold.   Lately Ive seen 10's just working off his own appetite so thats awesome, no force feeding at bedtime.

Daytime today we went to the park as a family and what do you know? Hypo as we arrive at the park.   I glance back to where Reubs is strapped into his car seat and hes drowsy.   Dropping off in a baby is normal, grogginess in my type 1 son isnt good.   He really cannot afford to have the aggressive Protaphane (aka Humulin NPH etc.) working hard at this time, be asleep for 2 hours (and unplanned napping)  means he wont have the carbohydrates onboard to deal with this.   He was 3.5mmol thankfully, without symptoms, because that unsettles me for a long time following.     I hate waking my baby son when he wants a sleep, but its safety first.

The point of this post is that Im going to try laying him down tonight in his toddler bed as long as hes in a good range at bedtime, with only a 2.30am test!  Wish me luck Im not going to lie Im TERRIFIED.

Also, counting down to the 1 year diaversary.  28 more days.  Diabetes freaking sucks. :(


  1. I hope you get some much needed rest and glad to hear about his night numbers stabilizing a bit...and Yes, yes it Joe says "Diabetes is a big fat TURD".


  2. I'm with you on the sleep...or totally lack there of! There are nights that I can just do a 2am check and it seems to be just fine...all depends on that 10-11pm number! Hoping that things settle into a nice groove so you can catch a sleep!

    Oh, and totally with you on d freakin sucks! Completely and utterly freakin sucks!!!