Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blood Ketone Strips

If you truly look - every cloud has a silver lining. 

Ive nursed one child with an earache, one with a chest infection, the other (Reuben) with some mystery virus.
I think I was delerious after not sleeping 3 days straight.   He had crazy temperatures that spiked then subsided, and myriad other symptoms.   Result?  Crazy crazy blood sugars.   Ketones up to 2.7, BGLs in the 20's.

4 units of Novorapid to clear them... Now thats scary for us.    Freaking because seeing Reubs in DKA is all too fresh in our minds.  

Good news, Reuben is feeling somewhat better.   The earache is on the mend.  Chest infection less troublesome.

Even better news?    The blood ketone strips, essential to managing a child with diabetes...


Apparently Abbot sell them onto Diabetes Australia more cheaply and therefore they can sell us with a saving.   So a box of 10 strips for $20 (2 bucks a strip, out of 10 which we can easily use in one night), is now under $10! for 10 strips.

Im happy for this little win.

I look forward to catching up with your blogs after I have a decent rest!

Happy Tuesday everyone.


  1. LOVE deals like that...well, any deals, but especially D-deals!! Glad everyone is on the mend. Have been missing you! Get some rest!!!

  2. I still have yet to try those little ketone goodies...sorry you've had more trouble...seems like a lot lately...you need a summer vaca. Roselady

  3. So sorry to hear about all the sickness... but yay for cheap ketone strips!

  4. wow that is a deal! I am sorry you guys have been dealing with multiple illnesses at once, no fun! I hope all improves pronto and you get to find five minutes for yourself to just enjoy a cup of coffee and do whatever you want ;)

  5. UGH-A-Roo on the illness...but Wo-HOOOO on the cheap (relatively speaking) ketone strips! You are amazing. Keep up the great work Jules. xo

  6. Hooray D deals!!! I was telling Hubby there was no charge for my syringes the other day and he got so excited...then I told him how much I paid for the insulin (!)...D'oh!!!! Glad all your kids are doing better, sickness and D reaaallllly don't get along. Hope you get to relax now...and sleep!!! :)

  7. Glad everyone is starting to feel better.. Hope you get some rest soon. Love and prayers :)

  8. Happy to hear everyone is starting to feel better! Awesome deal on the strips!

  9. Zane has only been sick once since his diagnosis almost 6 mos ago and during that time I learned that I really need to invest in a blood keytone meter because the urine ones are great if you can make a very sick child pee on command! So now after reading your post it just intensifies my need/want to get a blood keytone meter...I'll be looking into that this week! Nice job on your score for the strips, I've heard those things are a pretty penny!!! Glad Rueben if feeling better too!

  10. Glad everyone is getting better. Way to go on that deal!

    Supplies are so expensive!

  11. Can we clarify? Are you nursing all three? Is that a bad question?
    If so, OMG, and Bless Your Heart!
    I'm so sorry-I can see why you haven't slept in three days!!!
    So glad you are getting them half price! : ) See you when you are feeling rested! : ) Hugs, Holly

  12. Hi Holly, oooh not breastfeeding all 3! im still 'nursing' Reubs as we are co sleeping, and briefly tandem nursed as a comfort to each when their siblings came along... but they self weaned. i guess i meant to use the word nursing in the context of caring for sick kids (like a nurse! lol). sorry to confuse.