Friday, June 24, 2011

Random, totally and unashamedly random.

This blog and its weary writer will be on a fortnights rest!@!

Two week vacation here as my son has a mid semester vacation from school (woohooo).  (can you say p a j a m a s   all day?)   Its not that I plan to be totally slack, (oh who am i kidding..yes I will be SLACK!)

 We will see how hes been doing with his first written report card in 18 months of schooling, pick that up this arv!

What do we have planned?  Ive put in new fruit trees, so lots of monitoring the garden, dehydrating some goodies, sourcing some items for our foray into poultry raising and designing a 'chook pen', and an adventure into home brewing. lol.   Lots of new ideas and frugal fun...(amazing how much fun my kids had with home made play dough and some self designed beyblades (found a spinning top idea on you tube and hubby got to work, kids loved making their own battle bowls!)

Its the eve of our virtual 5km contribution, (see the link to Reyna from Beta Buddies' sisters blog, Mommys a runner, who have teamed up to organise this wonderful event to raise money for JDRF-  diabetes research).  I  have to map out our best route and rope the rest of the fam into doing this with me, will post details when Im back. Good luck walkers and runners!   Thanks for organising this event  - OUR TYPE 1's NEED A CURE.


  1. I'm jealous! I want to slack off too!!! :) I made homeade playdough when my little guy was in IS so much fun and you know there isn't anything bad in it. Have a great, relaxing time with the deserve it!!! :)

  2. I'd love to hear more about the beyblades...sadly my nephew introduced them to my son and he thinks they're pretty cool (me, not so much!)
    Glad you're enjoying some time off - I love PJ days, too BTW - and it's not slacking, it's helping our children unwind and enjoy various aspects of life :)

  3. We slacked yesterday. It is raining here. The kids needed some serious down time from all of the activity we have been up to the past few days. Slacking makes your imagination work. It is healthy.

    AND...good luck today with your 5K. We are doing ours on Sunday. Hoping the weather clears a bit. xo

  4. Everything sounds so lovely! I so want to plant something that we can eat...need to be better prepared for next summer!!

  5. Love jammie days! : ) I'm still in jammies, but have to be out the door in 15 minutes...guess I should get dressed? : ) heehee

    ps-I'm totally good with random-I feel that way most days! : ) It's just good to see what you're up to! : ) Hugs!

  6. Just heard about the 7.8 earthquake off the coast of NZ-didn't know if it'd affect you? Hope everything is okay there! Praying you guys are all safe! : )

    Thank you and take care