Friday, June 10, 2011

My non-D kids - Josephine

Recently weve been thinking about how our family is forever changed, the other kids possibly for the better.

More accepting and compassionate than they might be otherwise.

I watched as my older son took the hand of a disabled child and helped him on the slide at a playground.  My eyes literally teared up. 

My daughter tore around the place with a girl with burns down her arm.   We noticed the differences.   My kids seemed oblivious and it made me love them all the more.

They help me plenty with Reuben and just accept diabetes in alot of ways, it makes me accept it alot more readily than if I didnt have them and their wonderful personalities around.    My kids truly are a blessing.   Reuben is so lucky to have them. 


Josephine is my middle child.   She is 3 years old, and sister to two brothers.    One older, who is almost 7,  and one younger, almost 2.   She is a sweet, vibrant girl.   Headstrong and comedic.   She often takes an interest in Reuebns diabetes and his supplies and tests.  Heres her take on living with a type 1.   (Thankyou to this awesome blog , where she interviewed her 15 year old son about HER diabetes, have a read and see what he said.!)

What do you think Diabetes is Jo?
When you're sick.
Who has been sick?
I know a boy from on top of a tall mountain.   He is a boy on a bus, he had diabetes.   I know Jason, he goes to ABC kindy and has diabetes. He lives far away.   (Vivid imagination).
What does it mean for Reuben to have diabetes?
Hes just sick.   His mouth is sick and he coughs , its yucky.
Why do we give him needles?
Thats for when hes sick.   Theres drips inside.
When mummy pricks him and you see blood, whats that?
You test him with the meter.
What do I do once I see the numbers?
Give him formula.  Or sugar.
Do you think Reuben is normal?
Uh huh. Im normal too.
Do you love your brother?
Sometimes I dont like him.
Cos I have to run away from him.  Cos I dont like him, or play games with him.
Sometimes I do play games.
Does that mean you love Reuben?
Yep. Uh huh. Sometimes.
Do you think Mummy and Daddy are worried alot about Reuben and his diabetes?
How can you tell?
He has to get medicine.  You test all the time.  You yell alot.
We go hospital with him.
Does Mummy love you?
Yep.  Sometimes you yell when im being naughty.
You know mummy loves you to the moon and back.   And youre a good big sister to Reuben?
Uh huh.


  1. So, so sweet! Love the honesty that she loves him sometimes!! ;) True 'big sister' love, for sure!

  2. She is adorable!!! She is a great big sis and it seems like she already has a great understanding of diabetes in Reuben's life. Your family sounds like lots of fun Jules.

  3. KIDS! Loved her honest and innocent answers. The pics are ADORABLE too!!!

    I was cringing at a few of the answers I got when I interviewed J. Thanks for giving me the "Shout Out" by the way...I'm honored!!! I'll be looking forward to seeing your interview of Reuben someday. :)

  4. Want to hear something crazy? I am the only girl between two boys. There is 4 years between my older brother and I, and about 1.5 between my younger brother and I. And my nickname what I was a kid? Josephine.


  5. PS Mr 11 having D has shown me an amazing side to Miss 16. She is compassionate and kind and responsible with him in a way that I had never known (but he can still p*ss her off - and that's fine, too)