Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Type 1 in the news - misleading

Today Im nursing 3 sick kids - again.    I get  a text message from an excited husband regarding this type 1 nasal spray.   

Quickly I googled the story - the opening headline is - 'Diabetes sufferers get a shot in the nose with new vaccine'.

The story can be read here -


A NASAL spray vaccine for type 1 diabetes could be available in two years, providing hope to thousands of sufferers.   (This is the line I take issue with.)

I read on to see that it is infact a preventative trial of the nasal spray, and there isnt hope being provided to anyone already suffering with the chronic illness.

I subsequently emailed them -

My 8 month old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.   I fail to see how this vaccine provides any hope to him or anyone currently 'suffering' from the chronic illness.   This vaccine  is a preventative for those who 'may or may not' develop diabetes in the future - ?  .  Even with antibodies that show someone may be susceptible, theres no way of knowing if they would infact go on to develop type 1 diabetes.  I feel the story is misleading and its important to differentiate between bodies of research and trials that work on either - Prevention
Cure Therapies
or Treatment of the disease 
OR prevention and treatment of complications associated with the disease.

Do you get sick of reading misleading stories about type 1?


  1. Absolutely!! "News" stories like that drive me crazy. Glad you emailed them. They needed that feedback.

  2. I sure do...even more frustrating are all the friends and family that bring the story to our attention despite not getting all then info then assuming that we just don't get it or don't "really" want to fix it. It's frustrating beyond belief.

  3. UGH!!! I'm all for 'prevention' but come on! Wouldn't have done us any good because D was never on our radar. But at the same time, would totally be interested in it for Bug.
    Oh, and hate that they used 'suffering'...what BS!

  4. Good for you on calling them out on it Jules. It is frustrating. Sometimes I have the energy to "fight the fight" and other times I am just so damn tired. (((HUGS)))

  5. MOST DEFINITELY sick of all the misleading info out there in the media. It drives me insane to know that possibly there is a newly diagnosed parent out there getting false hope from some of these things. Kudos to you for writing them!! I hope the kiddos are all feeling well soon!

  6. I'm glad you wrote that note. Good for you !

    Hope the kiddos get better soon!

  7. Jules-so glad you wrote them...and YES, it's frustrating!! : ( I would want it for my other two, but it's TOO LATE for Mary Claire.
    Oh-and my mom now tells me I can go to the Mayo Clinic, and they can cure diabetes now. Hmph. Makes me MAD!!!