Monday, June 6, 2011


Lately Ive had a really strong pull to simplify our lives.  I guess as I go along on this journey I will understand it better.   Its the type of knowing thats coming from deep within my heart, in response to prayers about better managing Reuben and his diabetes.  Im not really talking about improving hba1c, though that would be awesome, but just seeing the bigger picture that will lead us there.

At risk of sounding vague and waffle-esque I'll try to verbalise it.

Part of this is about coming to terms with my own and my husbands FOOD issues.   Theres this desire again to source fresh and seasonal produce.   This saw us trapsing around fresh food markets over the weekend trying to get inspired.   All was good until the ride home, with a low Reuben, who vomitted his hypo fix erggghhh  (Im beginning to think the boy gets carsickness!)  so we had to rush home and brush up on the mini glucagon dosing protocol!

Hypos aside, I want to be mindful about preparation to preserve the nutrients packed within.   To avoid as much processed and packaged as possible.   To avoid nasty inclusions in our foods, listed only as numbers on the packaging.   To actually THINK about whether something that was created to be a time saver is infact doing us harm and it might be just as easy to prepare from basics in a well stocked kitchen.     I want to be mindful about waste and the animal/plant that gave its existence to give us nourishment.    I want to learn to do the things  I dont know how, because the supermarket has ample supply.

Now Im not going to rush off and buy a bunch of chickens and goats, but I did spend a day over the weekend with my hands in the dirt planting some veges. 

Im researching ways to preserve our own foods and really keen to try using our excess to make dried foods,  jams and perhaps can a few batches of something or other...

So thats its, a vague romantic plan, but one thats weighing so heavily that Im cancelling my gym membership today to devote more time and energy to it.   (Before you freak, Ive spent hours and hours and hours working out at the gym and feel I could be more productive with my life.) Time for change.

If I had a blueprint of what I want my life to be like - it includes a passion for fresh and healthy and to give that to my family.   To be simpler and less hectic.   To have time and space in my head and heart to devote to serving my kids and my family.  To get rid of the toxcicity of modern life to some extent.

Have a great day!


  1. We all want to eat better. The garden is the place to start. I only wish there was more time for cooking! Roselady

  2. Sounds wonderful to me! Follow your heart, Jules!

    Keep us posted!

  3. Me too. I'll post a pic of my Ghetto Garden for you sometime soon. I also get a membership to a CSA every year. We pick up our fresh veggies and harvest some of them weekly froma local farm. It is GOOD STUFF for sure. One thing being injured has done is freed up some time from working out. I am liking it. I think you are onto something Jules.

  4. Ah, yes, back to 'basics' is a great thing! I so want to take advantage of all the amazing local produce this summer...have to PURPOSE to do it!!

  5. There is something really satisfying (and healing) in simplifying and starting fresh. Good luck to you!

  6. Love this Jules! I fully is always so rush rush that I know for a fact there are too many times that I reach for the quick and processed foods instead of fresh organic simple've inspired me to make some changes too! Thanks!