Saturday, May 14, 2011


I know the look now. Its so obvious the cogs are turning I can almost hear them, and his eyes are actually glistening.

Danger Dad has a brilliant idea.

He has had pneumonia for a fornight. After countless trips to the dr and a chest xray and blood tests, its a serious deal and he must rest. Im lumped with a big workload and then some. DD home for 2 whole weeks.

I know hes gotta rest, we go buy him a 50" tv for the bedroom. After a full week and worsening condition, the dr gives him different antibiotics and he seems to be on the mend.

Now on to the 'glistening eyes'. He must be recovering, hes got a brilliant idea. It involves dangerous activity and the kids squealing with delight. The TV came in a big-ass box. Its so freaking big if Danger Dad cuts it up, and tapes it down our purely steep vertical internal staircase, its an instant slide.

Its so steep and fun it rivals a trip to seaworld or dreamworld. I think we could charge the neighbourhood kids for a ride!

Im at the top of the staircase (freaking out as usual - call me a kill joy but I always see the RISK.)

They start out sliding down on a cushion. They transition to slippery pants, then an inflatable swimming ring. (Good Lordy).

My real concern was the impact at the bottom, which saw Reubs thrown half a meter on landing. Theres ensuing squeals of delight as he zooms down the entire staircase on the wiggles floatie ring and gets pelted onto the bean bags and cushions piled up on the landing. I have to say for a sick man, Danger Dad did really well keeping the kids occupied while I played with my Mr T Flavorwave Oven. (hyahaha, yah I know I know) Im a kitchen gadget junkie.

There should be some award for the most fun, yet dangerous dad in the southern hemisphere, Im sure MY Danger-Dad would win :)


  1. And I was worried about my four going down the driveway on the new go cart. The slope in nothing in comparison.

  2. OMGoodness.... I.LOVE.DANGER.DAD!!! (in chant-like-voice). I left a message for you at the end of my VLOG yesterday....I was thinking especially of you. xoxo

  3. I am shaking my head in disbelief and then chucking at the thought!!
    Sending smiles and hugs you way!!

  4. This was such a fun post to read! I can SO relate. Danger Dad sounds like my husband and you sound like me. I laughed when I read "Im at the top of the staircase (freaking out as usual - call me a kill joy but I always see the RISK.)" That's me! I'm enamored with kitchen gadgets, too! :)

    Hope Danger Dad feels 100% soon!

  5. LMAO, sssssssooooooo funny. Can't wait to have a house with stairs so I can try this with my littles!!!