Saturday, May 28, 2011

When blogger acts up

What do you do when blogger is being temperamental.  


Theres blogs to read.   Theres comments to post.    Theres ideas to post.   Theres stats to look at that are, frankly awesome to take a gander at.

My life doesnt change knowing that someone from Slovakia viewed my blog today, but maybe reading my blog changed the life of that person, or their child with diabetes... 

What hits me is, that Im trading in some of my privacy, for the sake of the DOC.   When the enormity of the World Wide Web hits you, its like...whoooaaaa.    Theres a community of people who log in, all over the world, the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand.    We are craving company and a sense of 'sameness and 'uh huh' and 'i understand' 'i know what you mean'.

The most frequently viewed page on my blog is actually Reubens diagnosis story.    I get a quick snapshot of the things people typed in to 'find' my blog on google.  Amongst those things are questions like,

"Can babies get diabetes?"
"Symptoms of diabetes"
"Babies with type 1?"
"Cure for type 1"
"My baby is weeing alot"
I mean, perhaps what I write may not make a lifelong friendship in some cases, but could be helpful.   To someone.   Somewhere.   So despite sometimes thinking, who could possibly want to read about our life with diabetes?   Im going to keep on !

2 more days until Reubens 1 year anniversary with diabetes.   A friend asked me how we were doing.    My answer surprised me.  

"Reuben is doing wonderfully.   We're learning heaps.  We've accepted its (diabetes) is not going away."  

Yep.   He is.   Yep we are.   And yep again. Its a trifecta, it sure aint going away.   This is our new life.  

Bring on the artificial pancreas!!


  1. I know...SERIOUSLY BLOGGER! SHEESH! The DOC is my lifeline...I crave blogs -- I'd rather read them over a book any day!

    You're right.

    Someone was looking for information and somehow they land on our respective pages. That's why we do it.

  2. I was going crazy without being able to read my blogs!

    Julia's diagnosis is my most often read post too. I hope that we are all a comfort or something to anyone looking for answers or looking to not be alone.

    Great post...I'm glad I found you :)

  3. great post Jules! I just had to say Rueben is ADORABLE!!!

  4. Majorly frustrating, in deed!! My annoyance, too, is when I'm reading blogs in bed on my phone but I can't comment....argh!! Then I have to remember to go to them on the computer later so I can leave my thoughts!
    Reub is such a cutie pie! You are doing such an awesome job with him!!
    Bean's 1yr dx is on June 5th...what a year we've both had!

    Oh, and Ubergeek is totally into all the stats, too. He's been going crazy of late because of 'the song.' :)

  5. Jules he is so beautiful. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!