Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zoom in, Zoom out

On Sunday morning the preacher discussed zooming in and out because your focus on a situation can stop you from going forward.  Sometimes we look so hard at diabetes care and miss the bigger picture, at others try to be too general and miss finer details.    Im convinced we need to do diabetes care as a team.  

Let me explain something about my husband and I.  Weekends we spend plenty of time with the kids, running around in the back yard.    Since the weather is so hot it usually involves the kiddie pool or hose.  Im sure this is an outlet for my husband who at times appears to be a having a second childhood.    We have affectionately nicknamed him "DANGER DAD". Imagine him in blue lycra with red cape and Yellow "D" emblazoned on the front.   (Well maybe not.)     He runs around squirting the kids with water guns and filling up water balloons.   This is what I like to call phase 1.   Theres no danger element so he has to come up with a better idea.   How about we set up the slip and slide?  Phase 2.  Hose connected and plastic spread out the length of the yard.   Hmmmm, not dangerous enough.   Lets spray the kids with CRC or cooking oil so they slide better.   By this point Im begging him to stop...   I see potential risk, he sees potential fun!  Phase 3.   He considers the physics of the operation and to get greater velocity the kids have to fall from a greater height.  Phase 4.   Kids have become human torpedos.    The kiddie slide is hooked up to a pole so they can first slide down this (with the hose and sudsy detergent streaming down it) and onto the slip and slide and fly all the way into my garden bed at the end.  Phase 5.  Someone cries from being hurt and we all pack up and go inside.

Good thing we are different. Its all about focus.   My husband sees things in diabetes care that I dont.   He invented the hypo treatment of honey (which Reuben cannot spit out!)  delivered via a 12ml plastic syringe.  Perfect!   When it comes to planning alarms to wake to test him through the night, Im your woman.   Not so inventive like my husband, but reliable and predictable.  Hahah and maybe more trustworthy.

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