Sunday, February 6, 2011

Holy Smokes Batman! Are you wearing stilettos?

STOP!   (are you singing hammertime in your head and seeing images of mc hammer dancing across your minds eye in those atrocious pants?)

I have something to tell you.  

I want you to know that you are okay just as you are!  

There are right now a bunch of people who wish they were more like you but too afraid to tell you!  We tend to look at other people and wish for what they have and admire things that they are.   During this process we often de-value ourselves and our life experiences.  We are all so different and for a very good reason.   Wouldnt the world be a boring place and would we ever learn anything along the way- if we were all the same?   

I have to accept my oldest son and his competitive and stubborn nature.    Hes a natural talker who is BOUND to be a politician when he grows up.    Hes also very good at sports and super sociable.    My daughter and middle child is an entertainer who inherently knows what is funny.   When under pressure she pulls out the cute and hilarious card and plays it for all its worth.   She is eccentric, loyal and really into animals.   Im thinking she may be a vet.    Im going to do whatever is in my power to help them become all they are meant to be.   I think its great when they are experimental and unashamed and wish I could be more like them.

If I jump ahead a zillion steps with Reuben I really wonder what his life will be like, the battles he may have to fight because hes different to his brother and sister healthwise - and diabetes will inevitably be there (3 monthly visits to the endocrinologist at the paediatric diabetes clinic a constant reminder of his 'targets'.)    I tear up when I hear Evander say he will look after Reuben at school and make sure no body is mean to his little brother. (Who incidentlally will be in grade 5 by time Reubs begins prep the first compulsory schooling year here in Queensland).

Be who you are and come to a place of acceptance that you are great just as you are.   This is what Im going to be teaching Reubs.   Hes perfect to me, diabetes and all.   Yeah we will have challenges. Kindy, school, maybe starting an insulin pump, camps, sleep overs, parties, alcohol, moving out of home,  marriage, kids of his own.   All issues beleive it or not Ive already worried over as his Mummy.  

I have to wrap up this post prematurely as Danger Dad is at it again, i hear one of the kids crying after fanging it around the back yard in a motorised car!

I also hear him complaining 'Im out there in the back yard living it, and you are in the study blogging it!'.....

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  1. Amen to that! They will be whatever they become and we will love them no matter.