Friday, February 18, 2011

Bugger Me

Do you know those annoying foil seals they put on tins?   Well I was opening a new tin of milo (ooh yes, it seems to be one tin a week here at the moment!) and I had to jam a spoon in there, old fashioned can opener-come-jemmy bar style to hack the thing off. In the process I cut the side of my thumb and another finger.  Immediately I see blood droplets rise to the surface and begin streaming down my skin.   I rinse it under the tap and the blood keeps coming.  Okay maybe it wasnt streaming exactly, that was exaggeration. But it hurt - alot.   And there was blood.

Enough blood to make me think I needed first aid.

Im really embarrassed and ashamed to say I went to Danger Dads special cupboard.   He is the keeper of all things medical.    Up high.    I get down a box of bandaids.   Initially I unwrap one and apply it to my thumb.   Blood is showing bright and red through the bandaid and its stinging.    In my mind Im wondering who will finish washing the dishes because my cut stings.   Surely once it hits the water it will just slide off.    Another bandaid wrapped cross wise should do the trick.   Im literally sooking like a baby.   So I have a bandaid around it and one perpendicular to hold it in place.

Normally Im not squeamish and I have a high pain threshhold.  Afterall Ive given birth three times!

Now this is the truly weird part.   I proceed to get a rubber glove, and cut the finger part off to 'hold' the bandaid in place - dont worry about the fact that water will seap into the open end of my makeshift bandage holder and sink the wound as fast as you can say "Titanic".

When it all slides off in a miserable failure, (much like the labor government of the 80s) Im left saying ouch and loading the dishwasher instead.

I smile to myself for being such a doofus.   Then my mind drifts to Reuben.   What a good natured kid.   We make him bleed all day long for the purposes of BGL's.   He doesnt cry or fuss. Infact I do them in his car seat, while hes at kindermusik, during a feed in his high chair, before he gets in the bath and in his sleep.    All times, all places.  

He handles it like a champ.   

Im think he deserves a fresh sharp lancet more often on his poor little fingers and toes.   Im sorry bubba for when mummy has been distracted and forgotten to click off a fresh lancet for you.    Afterall it does hurt to break your skin.    Im so proud of my son for being the strong, resilient and joyful boy he is.

Love you Reuben xx.


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