Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Troubleshooting the mystery highs...

Amongst the weird and wonderful things we all do as Mummies to little people I have to figure out why we seem to get unexplainable high blood sugar readings.   There are a few reasons I know of thus far in our diabetes journey.  
I look at his numbers and some are crazy - and dont seem able to be brought down.

We start at BGL 14.    He needs novorapid to correct that back into range.   He eats 15g of cereal, he needs another unit to cover what he eats (and a little less for what he feeds to the dog or plays with and spreads through his hair and a little more for what he steals from his sister/eats from the fridge when im not looking and how the heck do you carb count the handful of Eukaneuba dog food he scoffs?)  So, its a really good guess.   

Okay we wait, we play blocks and some computer games.   Sendentary games are best when trying to see what effect rapid insulin has as exercise interferes in the equation.   I think Great, its testing time lets see what the novorapid has done. Nada. Nothing, zip.   INFACT Reubs BGL is higher than before.    Hes now in the 20's.    Ketone check. Clear.   Figured so as normally I can smell them.

So I've corrected heavily at breakfast, heavily again at lunchtime.  Hes eaten very little today and done very little exercise.

I examined the tiny bit of snot on Reub's left nostril. Nope, not green dont think hes got an infection.   Sickness is notorious for elevating blood sugars.

I think back to the mornings Lantus injection.   No bent needles, no droplets of insulin left so Im guessing he got the full dose.  

Its been very hot - maybe the insulin has been cooked.

I go to the fridge to check expiry dates - all in order.

Then I see it.    The glass bottles holding the insulin seem f r o s t y in the refrigerator.   I check the insulin and it looks frozen!   I think a trip to the chemist is in order to replace our whole supply !   Drats and double drats.

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  1. We also had the trouble that every time a tooth is coming through her BGLs spike for a couple of days.

    It can be hard to know why the numbers are up.
    It's a bummer if it's the insulin.