Friday, February 25, 2011

Heres a conundrum

Parenting a child with type 1 is a strange blend of strategy.

Last night the kids and I were baking a zesty orange cake together.

For my eldest it was all about licking the beater. For my middle child it was counting the eggs as we cracked them into the mixing bowl. Her favourite place is perched beside the kitchen aid watching the ingredients go around and around.

For Reuben? He loves peering into the oven, watching the cake as it cooks. Its also about grabbing at the oven door and trying to dive into the hot oven (Think - Hansel and Gretel) while Im sticking my skewer in to test the cake. I have to say to him "Ouch. HOT." in a stern voice. He looks at me with this queer been there done that kind of face. Its as if to say, Mum... really.

He deals with finger pricks and needles and I tell him its ok and it doesnt hurt, he will be fine. How do I teach him some pain is good for him, and some pain (like burns from seeing a cake entirely too macroscopically!) is definately no good for him.

Its hot Reubs , and ouchy.

Just Sayin'.

Cos Im your Mummy.


  1. LOL! I can only imagine his confusion.

  2. I have alot to learn from you great parents with older t1 kids. (who have also been doing this longer). I dont have a concept of what the dialogue is like discussing diabetes with a child who understands! I take my HAT off to you mummies and daddies. xx.

  3. Most of my family are diabetic and I feel likely to be one.. How could I avoid not passing this hereditary thing to my kids?

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  4. Jazzie - I cant give medical advice, but it is important to know if your family are type 1 or type 2 they are very different in causation and treatment!