Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh the Drama

Why is it when a man is sick he needs tender loving care?  His head has to be propped by a plumped up pillow just so.  He needs a wet washer on his forehead and warm chicken soup.   He needs sips of fluids held up to his parched lips.   He definately needs the airconditioning set to 21 degrees celcius.   Hmmm, he also needs a vomit bowl perched at the correct distance from the bed and a bottle of room temperature water.    When my husband vomits Im sure the neighbours hear him.    Its loud. Its dramatic. Its terribly woeful!   I must admit hes pretty sick this time - theres no foxtel in sight and hes really in bed resting!

When I am sick?  I have to suck it up.  Even with gastro I scrub vomit off the floor and tend to my sick kids.   I get up all night rubbing their backs and moistening their hair, checking temperatures and blood sugars.  I have insulin to administer and honey to rub onto his cheeks to try and prevent hypos through the night.    I have dishes to do, clothing to wash as naturally my vomitting kids yes all three of them have vomitting and diahorrea in addition to my husband  have managed to cover every blankie and doona, pillow and towel - with vomit.    Theres vomit on the legs of my ironing board!   They'd be off to London for the games based on these performances.

Its tough isnt it?   All you mummies know what Im talking about. We are silent heroes in so many ways.   We keep everyone as comfortable as we can to our own personal detriment often times.    (Can you say, self indulgent whinge?!)

What do you do to get away?  

I like a cold glass of white wine.
I like going to the gym and sweating copiously for a few hours or
swimming at the pool; following that black line up and down as I ponder the meaning of life, or that bandaid stuck all the way down the deep end.
I like to 'pretend' Id prefer to mow the lawn just for some peace and quiet
I love flicking through a good cook book, looking at recipes I know I will never make because the family wont eat salmon...

Providing that is,  after a break Im back at the reins!

What it is Im feeling?   Importance.
I like comforting my crying children in a big squishy hug
I like admistering that panadol after a high thermometer reading
I love to sssshhhhh them and stroke their hair
I love tucking them into their beds and saying sweet dreams

and yes

I guess I love babying my husband as well.    I mean, how is he to know that his socks live in the actual sock draw?!

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