Thursday, February 24, 2011

Danger Dad says to me

Danger Dads says to me, shortly after Reubens diagnosis ... Lets market a T-shirt line for diabetes that say "Diabetes - its a prick". I assured him that zillions of diabetics before us had this awesome idea. Today I recall that incident and I actually googled it. Heres a few I found, just that perfect gift for that special diabetic in your life. (ooohhh dear).

"Diabetics are naturally sweet."
"Got Insulin?"
"Does this shirt make me look diabetic?"
"Unless your pancreas doesnt work, stop whining!"
"Yes I am Diabetic. Yes I have tested. Yes I know that is candy. Yes I can eat it. Yes I even took a shot. BACK OFF!"
"Not a druggy, just diabetic".
"No Im not drunk, Im diabetic."
"Insulin, breakfast of champions."
"I hate sweet dreams I always wake up high".
"My pancreas doesnt work whats your excuse?"
"Fingertips of steel"
"I gots da sugar betes"
"I shoot up when Im high"
"Everyday Diabetes borrows my sons finger. Hopefully one day he will give Diabetes the finger!"

heres my favourite

Another video you might enjoy -


  1. I LOVE the "I shoot up when I am high" one! Too funny.

  2. Although I would choose soething more risque Mr 10 likes "Fingers of Steel" - appeals to the gamer in him (as well as the Type!!)