Monday, February 28, 2011

I love lantus as much as the next gal

I love lantus as much as anyone else and have been known to tout it proudly as the poor mans pump :)  I sing its praises for the true flat insulin it is, in all its 24 hour glory.

Who wouldnt be happy giving a basal insulin in one shot that lasts 24 hours  (?)  and in the process I can give my little sweetie pie's soft baby buns a break from jabbing.   Not only that, the rollercoaster just wasnt there - the numbers were good. 

I should know with diabetes that everything changes.  

Reubs has decided he doesnt want to day time nap much anymore.   Its hit and miss.   So yesterday was a busy Sunday, playing in the back yard, swimming and other great activities.    The hurricane is far too busy to lay his wee head on a pillow for a few winks.

This equates to a deep sleep at night.   Like a rock.   A rock that snores like a truck, infact.

So for a few nights Ive been trying to feed Reubs condensed milk in his sleep  (because he has too much insulin on board.)   His breastfeeding is intermittent and unreliable.   

I think at this point its safer to hedge our bets and get back on Levemir, a roughly 12 hour basal analogue.   At least we can split his doses and give him more for the waking hours when he wants to eat, and get a chance at dinner to adjust and give less for through the night when he actually wants to sleep!

Hopefully this will decrease the hypos.


Pumping here we come!


  1. When you where doing Levemir before did Reuben have it twice/day and Novorapid to cover Breakfast and dinner?
    I know I had been going to ask the endo if we could do Levemir and Novorapid during the day and then Lantus at night. I know there is overlap with the Levemir and Lantus both being long acting but F was on a split dose (Morning and evening) of her Levemir.
    I never did end up asking about it but it might work.

  2. Ueah we did split lev am and pm. Novorapid he had with meals. Would have to qu iz the endos when he goes in next.