Monday, February 14, 2011

Going around the proverbial mulberry bush...

We are totally in two minds about switching Reuben to an insulin pump.   One day Im all for it, the next Im flip flopping -  freaked out - and we are delaying his start.  Does anyone else on MDI (multiple daily injections) go through this dilemma, or am I just a twat?

Theres alot of reasons FOR the pump the greatest of which for me would be better control for Reuben's blood sugar.   You can administer tiny doses which are pretty tough with injections.   We will continue to work on this!

In my mind theres alot of reasons for my inaction in this direction.   Pumping scares the living daylights out of me.  What scares me is probably my own lack of experience with it and my perceived inability to deal with it and the challenges it presents.   Ignorance of sorts, the what ifs.  Also the prospect of coping with something 'new' since diabetes itself is all relatively new to us also.    Will the equipment fail? Will I miscalculate carbs?   If we havent 'mastered' MDI why move onto something else?  

Does any of this make sense.  *sigh*

An insulin pump would administer basal insulin (his background all day insulin in tiny amounts) and bolus insulin (to cover carbohydrate intake at mealtimes) at the touch of a few buttons.

The pump is connected to the body via a tiny canula and tubing.    I read about insulin pumps, I read that the overwhelming majority of diabetics that use them are happy and that even kids can be successfully pumping.

Im not sure I want Reuben to be tethered to a machine.   Wistfully I look at omnipod and small tubeless patch pumps on the net and wish they were available on PHI (private health insurance) here.   This is a psychological barrier.   Its a reminder to me of his dodgy pancreas.  Pretty dumb since the fact that leaving the house requires a hypo kit, a medicine bag, spare meters as well as a nappy bag are pretty big reminders of his dodgy pancreas dontcha think?

Anyway, Ive brokered a deal with myself.   Nothing ventured nothing gained right?

Reubens DNA is being sent away to test for monogenic types of diabetes

see here :

if he comes back definately type 1 - then we will pursue the pump.  If we hate it then it can wait in the cupboard until a more opportune time :)

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  1. Seeing kids using pumps on Diabetes Camp made me feel more positive towards pumping. I think we would have gotten one by now if F had not have neonatal diabetes. The parents feel more in control and they are relatively easy to use.

    But something I hadn't really thought of was the set changes. F had A CGM set put in when in hospital I don't know if I could do that everything days or more often if there was a problem. It just looked physically difficult. You have to press pretty hard. I would recommend looking at one being done before you commit any money.