Monday, February 21, 2011

indulge me

I cannot sugar coat it. ~no pun intended!~ Diabetes management is hard work. It requires thought and planning and also a bunch of committment.

Today was one of those days were i could roll around in some good numbers and indulge myself much like a gooey chocolate lamington being tossed in coconut. Okay maybe that similie doesnt work for you? Im proud as we struggle with the combination of Reubens insulin sensitivity, picky eating and combined with his crazy activity right after eating!

Reubs wakes up 9.7
Morning tea 7.0
Before lunch 7.2
After lunch 11.7
After a big swim and a fruit juice for arvo tea 6.9
Before dinner 9.2
Before bed 8.9

10 lantus - plus lots of toddler energy meant we didnt bolus at meals today. I think reuben needs to trade in his middle name formerley 'jasper' ; now known as the hurricane. He is like a whirlwind. A very busy boy indeed.

Celebrate with me.


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