Tuesday, February 15, 2011

People say the darndest things

Its going to be one of those nights.   Im exhausted, I virtually need toothpicks to hold my eyelids open but I have to stay awake another hour to check on the BGL trend. I test Reubs right before bed.   Tonight hes 4.3.      He needs a high enough blood sugar to get him through the night. Usually we aim for 10.  (At least until 2.30am, we usually try to wake to test then, and again at 5.30am when hubby leaves for work).    Reubs didnt have supper tonight he fell asleep on the breast.   I managed to get half a milo into him-  that bad boy has a number of CHO (carbohydrates) in it and should do the trick.
milo 1 tbsp - 12.9g CHO
milk 1 cup - 11.3g CHO
sugar 2 tsp - 10g CHO
the rest of the bottle is topped with warm water obviously 0 carbs! 

So- roughly - hes had 15g or one serve of carbs to treat the low and hopefully sustain a decent number for a sound sleep!   

Milo in milk also has the advantage of being low GI - takes longer for that sugar to peak.   Also milo is so freaking good for you. I could live on it.  I think its a curious possibility that I could eat it dry off the spoon.    (Seriously ask my husband. Who needs wheat grass or Spirulina?)
This is what they say about it straight off their website so you know Im not making it up just because I loooove to eat it on icecream !   (sssshhhh)


The Nutritious Energy Drink Kids Love

Just one glass of MILO with milk provides children with 50% of their daily iron, calcium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C needs.
Drinking MILO gives kids:
  • Calcium for strong bones and teeth
  • Iron to carry oxygen around the body
  • B vitamins (B1 & B2) to release energy
  • Vitamin C for iron absorption
  • Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy eyesight
  • Plus, each glass of MILO is low GI

Better than some empty sugars I say :)

Well I was doing some thinking today about the drivel people have said to me when they find out that Reuben has type 1 diabetes.  Its pretty sad that I have to work hard at restraining myself or I may:

a) laugh in their face (muaha ha ha)

b) roll on the floor laughing like some weird cyber smiley (ROFL! style)

c) do an impression of mike tyson  -no not really Im actually a really gentle soul and wouldnt dream of it!

d) slam a door in their face - wouldnt do this either but have truly fantasized

e) shove some diabetes literature in their periphery so they can get clued up

f) ALL of the above

g) roll my eyes at them, bite my tongue and keep silent and forgive them their ignorance

Heres the top STOOPID-EST things people have really said to me!  

1)  Have him eat cinnamon and celery instead of taking insulin   *what?*

2)  Should he be eating that?   *what, food?*

3)  Dont worry he will grow out of it   *type1 derrr*

4)  He doesnt look sick  *sigh, I work hard at replacing his insulin for him because his pancreas doesnt work*

5)   Some irritating drivel about deep fried, soul food, and sugar.... too long and stupid to recall word for word.

6)  I dont know how you can do that (referring to the giving of needles!) I could never do it.   *Let your child die would you?*

7)  I have a mate that can cure diabetes. He attaches electrodes and puts a wet towel on your chest.... *omg my son is a toddler and your mate should be arrested.....*

8)  Go home and google Chia Seed.   Its a cure for diabetes from the remotest.... *zzzzz. That was my eyes glazing over and my brain involuntarily flat-lining because you bored me to death*

9)  Good thing he got it so young he will never know differently.  *He honestly is going to know things are different for his brother/sister/mother/father/friends.   We dont have finger pricks/needles/visits to endocrinologists/carbohydrate scales/bags of supplies etc etc.* 

10)   *Im leaving this one blank as Im sure it will be filled shortly!*   Oh wait, Ive had the one about the Aunty losing her leg/foot/eye sight numerous times.  Pretty sensitive types :)

Heres a link to a video that is truly hilarious and rings true to most parents of diabetics.   When I first watched it I thought if anyone gave me the Halle Berry cured herself of diabetes talk I might offer them outside!


Off to retest. Lets hope the numbers are good and I can get some shut eye!

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  1. Speaking of carb scales. Do you have some? I have a set from diabetes camp if you are interested?