Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something to look forward to ...

Twice in two days Ive read the story about "Welcome to Holland" - by two wonderful families touched by diabetes. I think the Lord is telling me something. I can hear His almightly voice booming and hear heavenly hosts singing and strumming angelic harps. Theres clouds parting and rays of light so brilliant my eyes hurt. (Yeah rays from heaven, and only 4 hours sleep last night. Reubs has a snotty nose ergh).

"Jules, my good and faithful servant." He talks to me like this, we are on first name basis.

"Ive blessed you with Reuben and Reuben Ive blessed with you." (Poor kid). "Suck it up thy mother of Reuben. Thou hadst been sent a child fair of face and ginger of hair, and this child shall have a dicky pancreas." Sorry Lord , its for effect.

"He is type 1. Stop at Angus and Robertson bookstore. Pick up thoudst a copy of 'Dummies guide to type 1 diabetes' and 'Think Like a Pancreas'. Study and apply. Thou has an important job to do. You shall not be going to Italy like everyone else. You shall spend the rest of your life learning about Holland. Kapeesh?"

Well the Diabetes educator said to my husband on the phone that at least we had an insulin pump to look forward to and other new technologies. Yippee.

Yes Ive got alot to learn to as Reuben changes and grows.

This isnt the path I chose, but because I love Reuben I choose to do my very best for him.


  1. PS My Mr 10 (he of Type 1 fame) is a red head too! (Well auburn really, his big sicter is a true 'ginga')

  2. Sicter! LOL I am way too quite on the POST button

  3. Haha i wonder If theres something in that? The virus theory is way boring.