Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy first of March

Just a quick blog ; tap out a few words and a bit of a cut and paste of a work already in progress and voila! (Just like my university days folks, minus the $1 happy hour drinks).   Kids are keeping me busy and its sooo hot and icky here today!

Im really pleased Ive stuck with my blog for a full month! 

What do you call that, a blog-a-versary?  Or a one twelfth?  A montlhly blog, perhaps a 30 day blog?  A blog-a-thon?  A big-blog?  A blog-addiction?  (That was Danger Dads suggestion, hes whinging that hes a blog widow-er.)

It surprises me how much I look forward to blogging.   Initially I viewed it as a form of therapy and self expression. Now Im excited about networking with other type 1's/and their families!   I love reading other D blogs.   They are awesome - creative, articulate, funny!  I know we arent alone cos we are fighting this same D battle!    

Thank God for the internet.

If you read the blog just drop me a comment every now and then so I know Reuben and our family are not riding solo!   Thanks for the comments so far, on the blog or left for me on facebook.   Its been encouraging. xx

** ** ** ** ** ** 

Ive been pretty run down.   Tired.  I wake up sore.

Ordinarily Im energetic and wont miss my workout for anything.   But the last few days Ive been BLAH. I also took off my fave classes at the gym last night.     My body must be fighting a virus (?) It could also have a little something to do with the repeated night time wakings with hypos.   

 Argh the kids are taking turns being sick too. 

Dont want to do housework (then again, do I ever want to ?)  

The idea of another BGL makes me look at the meter with disdain.   You mean I gotta do that again today?

An update on the switch back to levemir.   

Last night was awesome.  Reubs went to bed in range after a cob of corn and some milk for supper.   He was 8.6, 8.2, 7.0.   woohooo.   I miss Lantus for the daytime already though.    Levemir just doesnt have the same guts.  

Heres a graph to show the difference of the insulin actions (Levemir runs out for Reubs well before 12 hours is up):

Happy first of March everyone!! 


  1. Oh honey, I can totally relate to how your feeling today! I've been feeling kinda blah the last few weeks too. In fact, my housework suffered the consequences of it LOL!

    I've been feeling kind of depressed the last few days honestly. Some things that have been going on with my daughter over the last few years (shes my non-d child, and thank god, this has nothing to do with d fears) are finally being solidified by others. Hate when reality hits ya smack on the nose sometimes lol. Its a good thing in a way, I mean, atleast now once we get through the hardest part of the battle (finding out exactly what IS up) we can move forward... just sucks in a way lol. Anyway. Im babbling. LOL!

    Oh, and ugh, i hate night time low battles! Last night my son's bg was BEAUTIFUL all night long! Tonight, midnight hits and hes 68. Where did that come from? LOL! Ah well, better go do his 3am check. Hope things go smoother for you, everyone's sickies get better quickly and bgs level out better!

  2. Jules, Blappy Blonth of Blogging!!! :)

    I have been enjoying your sense of humor over here. I agree, it is therapeutic and making some D Mama friends is a huge bonus.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by Candy Hearts :) It's my addicti....er....I mean HOBBY. Blogging is my HOBBY. I can stop anytime I want. Right....see...I can even comment....it's a great hobby :)

  4. hahah. Thank you guys :)

    dawn - anytime you feel down look me up on facebook we can have a chat xx.