Saturday, March 26, 2011

Citipointe Live - Commission My Soul (2010)

My God is faithful, loving, full of grace and mercy. When this all gets hard, the joy of the Lord is my strength! He will uphold me with his Righteous Right hand, even when chaos is all around and Im dead tired and confused - hes there looking out for me. When Im asleep He is not. When Im weak he is strong. When I dont know the answers he does. When I cannot sort out problems HE definately can. His timing and ways may not be ours...but he has a better plan, a bigger purpose for me.

This is a beautiful song from our church. If I have no other purpose in this life, I want to be the best mother I can be. I want to prove to the Lord that when he was looking around for a strong, passionate, loving, resilient woman, and HE saw me, and trusted me with Reubens little life, that I AM the right mother for Reuben - and Reuben the right child for me. That we are a powerful team. That no matter how hard this diabetes journey gets for either of us, that we will continue learning and working at this and no amount of hardship will break up this trio :)

I want to display my gratefulness and thankfulness for my kids; and my love for them; by helping them to fulfill their God given destinies. When I get bogged down in carb counting and sleepless nights and endless alarms and Im overtaken by fear of my son having seizures or unconsciousness from low blood sugar, or complications from high blood sugar - I want to remember my passion for my children. I am their mother. They are my children. I will protect them with the ferocity of a wild beast. They are my gifts from God. I will do all I can.

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