Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning to be a pancreas- Part 2.

Im quickly learning that Im a tired pancreas.

A pancreas doesnt sleep.  

 When we go to sleep ours (folks without diabetes) are busy doing whatever it is a pancreas is meant to do.

Because Reubens pancreas doesnt do what its supposed to - Im it.   So the boy is asleep, the pancreas is UP.

So Im up all the time, testing, checking, bringing his BGL back up.   When I see a 7.0 - I think to myself, thats a great number.... For freaking DAYTIME.   At  night while hes sleeping, in a matter of two hours this could drop down to hypo-town.

Out comes the glucose syrup.

Danger Dads been getting choked up at 5am about the boy not even being able to get a restful sleep without us poking and prodding and feeding and waking him.  

What a f**cked up normal :(   

{Sorry Mum for the expletive incase you are reading! }

I made a quick video today starring the boy himself of a routine Blood glucose test - just a bit of education and diabetes awareness out there.    Often I get the line "Wow, but hes so young!" 

 If you think the video sucks - sugar coat the truth for me, Im a bit fragile right now!    Link to come.....  


  1. Your video was absolutely wonderful hun! It was educational, cute, funny, and best of all... got the word out there about what our kids go through every day, every night! Keep up the awesome work Mama Pancreas!

  2. Just a comment to say what a sweet baby. Oh, and we're all tired! Luckily, we're resilient moms.