Saturday, March 26, 2011


Christy from  My 2 Sweet Babies has invited me to blog about blogging !   Specifically why I blog.  Its a bit of a project really, because she was invited by Dawn from Sugar Free CandyLand who in turn was invited to participate in the Meme by DawnMarie from Words from DUG (hope I got all that right.)  

So 5 good reasons? Meh, maybe not.   But they are mine.

1- To put info out there  - about having a baby with type 1 diabetes.   When Reuben was diagnosed at 8months old, I infact googled 'Babies with Diabetes', and found Christy who befriended me instantly and unquestioningly and for that Im grateful.  Suddenly I wasnt calling out in a dark room - there were others!

2- Meet other d-parents and become part of a new 'family' that understand.   Lets face it, people who dont live with diabetes have got much of a clue, and most dont want to!  Please if you read the blog and you never comment, please do! The more the merrier.  *No tools allowed. lol.

3-To pin down my thoughts - to prevent them multiplying or growing wings and flying around.    This is a mentally and physically stressful disease.   It helps to keep me occupied, proves to be therapeutic exploring thoughts that I cant necessarily mention over a coffee to just 'anyone'.

4-To preserve my husbands sanity.   Theres only so much listening and supporting the man can do! Pressure inside the D-home can be suffocating.

5-To support people and the cause- to be there to encourage others on this same journey. I am extrememly compassionate to other families in this same situation, living with it while waiting for a cure, and help spread awareness and d-info,.   Even if its just cyber hugs and a few links... its a start, right? 

Those are my 5 reasons for why I blog here.
Now, it is your turn! I encourage you to go on your own blog and do a blog meme about this very thing… why do you blog?
Here are the rules that Dawnmarie posted on her meme post:
The Rules:
1. Comment below to answer the question with five reasons.
2. Create your own blog entry to continue the meme.
3. Give credit and link back to the original blog post and to the blog where you saw the meme shared.
4. Tag your friends and encourage them to participate.
The friends I would like to tag and encourage to participate are:

Joanne from Death of a pancreas, Mel from eMpTy Page and Valerie from The dLife


  1. HEY :) I'm trying to peruse a few blogs between wrapping up some paperwork for a busy shift and GOING TO BED! I feel like I've hardly been able to read my favorite blogs with a strep out break x2, Spring Break, and the hubs working on some big papers for school...BUT!!!!! I found this post and wanted to share a video that a fellow blogger made a year or so ago...


  2. Awesome Jules, I know what you mean about keeping sanity for your husband. I have to be mindful of not always talking about D in the house. When Andy was on insulin it seems like that was all we talked about, "what were his sugars today, how did he eat, how much insulin did he get?," etc, etc. Putting it out in cyber-space kind of eliminates the need to talk about it so much. I think we as women (and some men too) just need to vent to others and this is our way of doing that while still keeping our significant others from going insane! Love you {{Hugs}}

  3. LOL I hear ya hun, about keeping your hubby's sanity in tact. Like Christy, when Lenny was diagnosed, thats ALL I would talk about.. that and what info I've found about Type 1 on the internet, etc etc etc... all D-related. I think that lasted right up till I was introduced to the "D-community" on facebook last april, from my friend Lisa. Now, though we do obviously still talk about d-related things, I don't think its as often, and in fact, I think we talk MORE about my love of gardening, what were going to plant this year, things going on at his work, and things of that nature. Gotta love the DOC!!

  4. Jules, I am glad that you decided to keep the meme train going. Hopefully you enjoyed writing this blog post, and maybe you even learned something about yourself. 8^)

  5. Like everyone else, the "to preserve my husband's sanity" resonated with me. It's lovely having someone else to 'talk' where I am comfortable it wont stress out my loved ones. Love your comments