Monday, March 14, 2011

Rango, Reuben and the fiasco of the half sucked lollipop

I wanted to check in today whether I had any bloggable material or not!   Ive gotten injured   (ouch) in 3 places on the same side of my body hahah. Darn you right side!  The result is a grouchy version of me constantly whining about my sore shoulder/wrist/ankle .   Lack of sleep + sore body + break from the gym = groucho.   I hope to catch up on some awesome D blogs I may have missed the last few days too.

Since I had to rest at home, I decided to start baking.  I dont think Ive been out of the kitchen in days.   I threw myself into baking low GI diabetes friendly muffins and loaves of bread to stock in the freezer.

Saturday night we discussed going to the movies.   Danger Dad didnt look enthused.   I wanted to get out as a family - other families do it , right?  

Should be fun.   And in some parallel universe -  it mightve been. 

But in my universe with 3 kids under 6 years of age, and the youngest with type 1 diabetes this was a really bad idea.     Rango was also a really dark movie, hence a bad idea for my 3 little kids.  Ahhhh, hindsight.

Anyhoo - moving right along with this story -   we decide to go.  

We get there late.    I scramble around in the darkened cinema trying to find Danger Dad and the 3 kids, trying not to fall downstairs (WHY do they put stairs inside dark places, design flaw anyone?) carrying a jumbo popcorn, large slippery coke, and juggling maltesers and mixed lollies.   I have a handbag on one shoulder, hypokit and diabetes supplies bag in the other and hooked over a finger, supplies for normal baby needs, nappies, wipes and such.    Im like a  packhorse.


I locate them.   Finally sitting, I unpack and breathe a sigh of releif. WE ARE HERE! And Rango is juuussst beginning.   Its truly a miracle.   I glance sideways, Danger Dad looks tense, hes grinding his jaw.   It seems his anxiety is anticipatory.  Reuben is perched on his Daddies lap,  reaching for popcorn (we figured he would eat at the cinema so we held off his dinner).    This lasted say, oh, 5 pieces of popcorn and a slurp of drink...

He screams to get down and begins running from side to side of the cinema right in front of the screen.    Oh Dear Jesus.   This just cost us $50 bucks plus snacks.   Please please please make my kids behave.    My prayer was unanswered, I think the Lord has this idea that I need to build up some character.  

Well you know what happened next.

Im outside the movies chasing Reuben around because he was disturbing the other patrons.

Eventually Im worried about being OUTSIDE the cinema when Danger Dad was inside with the diabetes bags.   Very quickly Reubs can go from nicely in range to hypo, especially considering the dinner situation and all his excited activity.   I sneak back into the cinema with a wiggly screaching Reuben.   I hunt out the family.    Danger Dad says its his turn to go out with the Hurricane, so Im agreeable.   Rango is 30 minutes in and Ive seen none thus far.   The kids are 30% into the maltesers and Ive had none of these thus far!

Out they go.   They again LEAVE the diabetes bags.    Now Im grinding MY teeth.   Im stressed.   Im not thinking straight, what if Reubs has a hypo while DD has him outside running around, with no supplies?

I leave the 2 kids in the cinema and madly try to text message Danger Dad.  Have you got supplies for Reuben?  Where are you?  I can bring the bags out.   Rango is now playing over half way through.   The older 2 kids are oblivious to any goings on, but this type of scenario is always going on in my head.

With diabetes you have to be a few steps ahead to prevent disaster.

He texts me back.

Sitting in the car with Reuben to keep him from being too active.   Found a lollipop in the car.   Should be okay for a bit.

Saved by a half sucked lollipop from another day. Ewww. But Thank God.

I go back in to see the final 20 minutes of the movie.    But I cant focus.   I barely saw the start so Im not sure whats going on.   Im worried about Reuben.   Just HOW much lollipop was there?     I know DD will be upset because he paid for and didnt see the movie, and that he will be saying "I told you so!"  regarding going to the cinemas as a family.

The joys of being a family with diabetes.

Im sure I have just one more grey hair that wasnt there before Rango...

Dont underestimate the pressure of persons dealing with/living with diabetes and their families.   The responsibility is immense.  


  1. LOL thats why I dont take the kids out to eat in a sit down restaurant very often LOL! And, I've never taken them out to see a movie LOL (more because of how PRICY it is! ahh!)

    Ah well, theres always DVD (when it comes out), right? LOL!

  2. Jules:
    This is so my life, too.
    In fact, we have kind of given up as going out as a family, most of the time. We do a lot of split ups...But, it will be fun as they grow up!
    Plus, I'm interested in those low GI baked goods -- recipe post?