Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What if Life was Like a Choose your own adventure?

Anyone who grew up in the 80s and picked up a book, had eyeballs and possessed a basic vocabulary- would have at some point, read a "Choose your own adventure" or a "Pick-a-path" book.  Do you know which ones I mean...   Whatever happened to those stories?  They were awesome.  They were pulp fiction.   But they sure were fun when I was 7!

I pondered what my life would be like if  I was starring in  a "choose your own adventure!"

The phone rings.

a. Turn to page 13 if its your Mum asking if you are looking after yourself
b. Turn to page 45 if its your millionaire  billionaire husband  boyfriend letting you know your flight in his private jet to Paris is booked for that afternoon at 2pm
c.  Turn to page 77 if its your butler asking you to come to the western wing dining room as dinner is served
d.  Turn to page 111 if its the Nanny telling you your 3 perfect kids are smelling like roses and are napping simultaneously
e.  Turn to page 89 if its your endocrinologist - he doesnt understand why but your childs pancreas is now producing its own insulin, its fully functional!!
f. Turn to page 2 if its your banker on the phone.   Hes confirming was it 1.2 or 1.3 million you are donating to JDRF.

Heres the 'real version', it seems much more like a work of fiction.

Something bizarre happens.  What is it?
a. Turn to page 11 if your baby son is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an incurable disease
b. Turn to page 15 if it wont stop raining where you live
c. Turn to page 17 if you have to evacuate your home and all wordly possessions because of localised floods in your town
d. Turn to page 82 if category 5 cyclone yasi is headed your way- you must batten down the hatches
e. Turn to page 148 if you live in New Zealand or Japan and feel the earth moving
f. Turn to page, sh*t, wait,  forget the page, if you see a 10ft wall of water coming RUN FOR HIGHER GROUND.

What a scary start to the year.   I know its not funny but I have to try to make sense of it, or I would curl up in the foetal position and never get up.

I would never pick the paths life has set before me either.   I head on Oprah once that by time the average person is 30 years old they have enough heartache, trauma and pain that they could be emotional cripples.

True dat.

 But the resilient keep fighting.   

** **  **  **  **  **  **  **
springing back; rebounding.
returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched.
recovering readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyant


  1. Good post. I used to love those books!

  2. OMGsh!!!!! I TOTALLY REMEMBER THOSE BOOK!!!! Great analogy for life.

    This crazy life.

  3. I was an avid reader of those books Jules. Great post and yes, what a horrible, horrendous start to the year for so many. Tragic.

  4. I agree. I loved those books and even attempted to write a few of my own. It's a great analogy and I had a year like that when our son was diganosed too. He got out of the hospital two days before Katrina hit and devastated my grandparents' home. Then my dad lost his leg due to complications from Type 2 and wading around in dirty water left over from Katrina. Then my sister had surgery 2 weeks before giving birth to her daughter. While she was in recovery from her C-section, her husband was in the ER getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Oh yeah, and we got evicted from our apartment. Sounds so familiar. Happily, other years have been better since then :)

  5. My husband talks about those books all.the.time.

    And yep, great analogy for this CRAZY life we live.