Friday, March 4, 2011

TGIF! (Thank God it's Friday)

Im glad its Friday.

I have great news.   Yaaaay I bought a torch today!  Since I blogged about it, I felt compelled to finally purchase one.     Its cute and pink and LED :)  Oh and it was cheap:)   Look forward to seeing whats happening during tonights BGL's.   Reubs has only had diabetes

I will keep today brief since I banged on a bit yesterday.

I took the 2 youngest kids to gymboree today.   Why is it 50% of them dont behave?   My sister said once someone told her you get one pride, one joy and one challenge when you have 3 kids.   Im really unsure which is which at this point.   Will save that idea for another blog :)

Reuben has taken to helping him self to nana's (bananas) and co (corn) from the fridge.  This should make for some interesting BGL's.     Only a mother of a D-child would be unsettled about her kid stealing fruit or vege.

I have a great banana bread recipe all the kids love.   Have to remember to share it.

The other thing Reuben has taken to doing is coming to visit me intermittently screeching 'pooooo!' and patting the back of his nappy.  Not really sure what hes after.   *wink wink*.   "Honey, can you sort out Reubs, not sure what hes on about!   Im busy blogging...."

 Im working on getting more pics to the pc so I can share some photos of my sweet boy :)

Have a great weekend !

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  1. I can so relate to the being disturbed when your kid is stealing a fruit or veggie. Haha. Sugar Boy asked for a banana the other day, and I actually caught myself thinking, "couldnt he just want some cheese instead???"