Monday, March 14, 2011

Talking type 1 diabetes with friends

I had to share this! Enjoy.


  1. So true. My head may explode from laughing so hard. Or maybe it will be caused by some weird diabetes related story.

  2. Hi Jules! Thanks for re-posting the video. Glad it made you laugh.

    Just spent some time reading your story. The video of testing his BG was so heartbreaking. Brought back so many sad memories of when Elise was that age.

    And your dx story is so scary. We knew something was wrong with Elise at around 6 months (she kept getting UTIs). I felt like I was a t the doctor's office every week after she turned 9 months. Thank goodness our doctor caught it before it got bad.

    Mind if I add you to my blog list?

  3. Mel - I think my head may just explode too. I had the 'cat has diabetes' myself in the last month. hilarious.

    Joanne - Hi :) You can see Ive taken the liberty to add your blog to my blogroll already:) I love your title I think you sold me in the first 5 words. Im thankful for the DOC as I found D blogs searching 'baby with diabetes'. Our hospital said it wasnt so common in babies so young to be dx with t1d. Online Ive now met quiet a few! Look forward to reading along with you xx.