Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday bloody Saturday

Its Saturday.   What a big week.

Today is a rainy day, the sky has this grey attitude like 'Im here to stay so don't make any plans'. Forget Danger Dad wanted to take the family to the art gallery and museum today.    The rain is solidly coming down, so the last thing I need is kids trapsing around town in the wet,  getting drenched and smelling like wet dog and later falling ill with some preventable cold or flu.  Sick kids are bad; sick kids with diabetes are worse.  

So the re-think today is grocery shopping. 

I have a list, Im just working up the motivation.   We usually do a kid split to help with the workload.   

Ive noticed something about this that seems unfair to me, and not intentional, but its happening.

Its always been easier to leave Reuben home.

Now, I dont do this on purpose but the thought of a toddler and shopping - not my first choice.  A diabetic toddler that has supply bags and additional food and testing needs..argh.   He never gets to come.

Im talking... rarely.   But so much can be taught from the shopping trolley.  We can talk about fruit and vege and do counting and discuss money and how to say hello and goodbye to the checkout girl/boy  person.

Now I feel guilty. Mummy guilt is the worst it really sucks.   Am I discriminating against my own baby son because the other kids are ... easier?  

Im going to take him shopping today.   

First Im going to research the carbs in donuts and a chocolate milkshake and take him for a treat like I do the other kids.   Then Im going to put $2 in one of those ridiculous shopping centre car rides that run for like 30 seconds....

Ahhh, Saturday.


  1. Ahhhh I hope it turned out well Jules. I remember feeling the same way about taking Joe to Costco (they have a ton of "samples" to try displayed around the store). Things have gotten easier now that he is older and the pump helps add to the flexibility of managing it all.

    Happy weekend to you and your family.

  2. I agree with Reyna, I never wanted to take Andy when he was on shots because it was just too much to have to take with me. Once he was on the pump, I felt a little more relaxed about his food intake. Of course, now I don't like to take him because he is too big for the cart (unless I can find one of the race car types) and he likes to take food out and throw it on the floor, or worse, he puts his hand out and knocks things off the shelves! Oh, the joys of shopping with a 5(3) year old :)

  3. I love that post!,,, so much of my own parenting is like that. I realize I have been making the easier choices out of convenience and feel some regret for lost opportunities with them. Then I resolve to make it up to them. Each day is fresh and we are so fortunate to have chances ro meet their needs. Awesome for you!, I hope you and Reuben had a lovely time!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the shopping. Mind over matter!